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Loquiz seen on the TV – Harry Potter game in Paris

Loquiz was presented on the first French public TV channel (France 2) last week, during the TV Show “Les Maternelles”. This show deals with topics related to the family.

So here, they decided to show the successful Harry Potter game in Paris, made by our user Insolit’Prod. And then they invited a French family to try the game out!

This sequence displays well how Loquiz can gather a family for a themed game. Indeed, it appeals to our sense of teamwork. And it makes us walk, run, think, all at the same time. All of this, while (re)discovering the streets of our own city.

I wrote a transcript, just in case if… You’re not too familiar with the French language 😄

Translated transcript of the TV sequence:

“For everyone, […], I suggest you suddenly gather the troops in the garden […] even your daughter of 5 years old, Arnaud! […]

So this is an escape game, as I said, but outdoors, a sort of giant treasure hunt.

France 2 TV stage
Ⓒ France Télévisions

It’s quite simple. It is enough to have a smartphone. On this smartphone, We will have a GPS that will tell us where we have to go to certain points in the City to solve puzzles together. So to test this activity, Lili and Dario came with their two teenagers, Anna-Léa and Sophia.

And then well […] the main thing is not to participate, it’s to win.

Aaaaah! Look, here is the family! Thanks for being here.

Presenting Loquiz to the family
Ⓒ France Télévisions

So an Escape Game, that’s what we’re going to do this week. Apart from that, it’s still quite original on the Harry Potter theme and you’ll have to find clues to obviously find the keyword at the end. What do you need? You need a phone. Who has a phone? Let’s go!


It makes us a small visit to Paris at the same time.

Let's go around Paris!
Ⓒ France Télévisions

We just arrived.

My first begins. The alphabet to my second is a fish. My third means no. It stings.

…”A-Rai-Gnée”? [“Spider”, in French]

“Araignée”, you’re right. But the third says “no”. “Nie” [“No”, in Polish language]?.


Well done! It [the unlocked clue for the final riddle] should be noted. Voilà.

But there, you look good to me, so we’ve already found a clue.

So, I’ll let you trace to get to the end. Go! See you!


A close view on Loquiz
Ⓒ France Télévisions

Here’s one. Listen carefully to the Morse, it seems to form a word.

What is it? Let’s listen.

… It’s going to be complicated. We will need a sheet of paper.


I found it very dynamic. Honestly, because we’re outside, we walk, we can run, jump, that’s fine with me.

So yes, it was a good idea to visit Paris.

Augmented photo with Loquiz
Ⓒ France Télévisions

It was a very good way to visit Paris, especially for people who don’t live there.

What season would you choose?

When it’s less cold!!!

What I find nice in this activity is that you worked on your head and legs, team spirit as a family.

And you rediscover our own city a little bit. Because there, for example, we were in Paris, in the Marais district. I never go there. And here you are.

I go there. I’m going to go to this restaurant bar, otherwise, I’m going to discover this museum. Cool, do you like it or not?

Very much yeah.

Let’s do it the next weekend!

France 2 TV, back on stage
Ⓒ France Télévisions

You are going to have a real weekend. I never rest on weekends when we have children, that’s usual.

[…] For those who wouldn’t have missed it, it’s on France TV will be available later. […]

I just want to say that it costs 69 euros because maybe it will suddenly interest those who are interested in the activity. We can make between 2 and 6 people and it is available in about forty cities in France where you have gone to the site. You will just need to go to the website

Now, we immediately have it displayed. Look now!”

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