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I Tested a Remote Team-Building Game, “Project Arrow” (and it’s a Blast)

Project Arrow main image, an amazing remote team-building game
  • Another blast is affecting the whole world: Coronavirus. It had changed the rules of teambuilding events management.
  • An outdoor event with 100 people? Forget it. Even after the lockdown, things will be quite different due to a new underlying fear of promiscuity.
  • Event companies have no income. They all are looking for solutions. found one: Project Arrow.
  • I tested Project Arrow, and it’s as fun as promising. Well, this remote team-building game might change the global rules of events, simply.

I’m Xi Jinping, president of the Popular Republic of China. Today I woke up with striking news: the world is going to get hit by a terrific asteroid. With my fellow leaders, we need to find a solution altogether.

But we need to enjoy a teambuilding game together first. It’s crucial to ensure our unity.

Otherwise, we will never, ever agree on something until this meteor starts a never-ending winter.

The Story is Crazy (as the remote team-building game is)

When I played this remote team-building game, each of the players could choose to become one leader, over the 5 offered (Putin, Trump, Jinping, Merkel, Johnson). I decided to be Xi Jinping because, well, I have Asian origins.
UpEvents provided us a .pdf virtual paper with clear instructions. From there, we had to scan our own character, in order to already start the game.

Xi Jinping with QR Code to launch the remote team-building game

Then, we had a flag for each presidential place. We were welcoming each other for a solemn meeting. Indeed, it was the best disposition to have fun, when a catastrophe was dangerously close.

I had a great delight at welcoming my colleagues in the Forbidden City doing some collective photos and solving riddles.

Screenshot of the game

I grinned at the Game Content

“To grin 😀” has a negative connotation. However, in my case, it was rather positive. In fact, the content brought me a joyful surprise, which I often express by a grin 😀. Indeed, the tasks were quite surprising. They involved some teamwork through our different screens.

Hey, how would you feel at recreating a Trump’s wall over our webcams (I’m too shy to post a screenshot of the hilarious outcome)?

Or how would you feel a Su Do Ku riddle, where Putin secretly has the missing part of the whole grid?

Screen shot of the game with Su Do Ku riddle

You got to negotiate with him. Then, find the right word to make him understand that teamwork is necessary. And finally, you need to communicate your situation through the conference software.

It’s not that evident to communicate when both of your countries are used to some indirect commercial war! But in times of crisis, we sometimes (re)learn to appreciate each other in the right way.

It applies to the country’s leader who you pretend to be, but it also applies to the real player, who’s an important part of his company. Although they face tension every day, they still need to maintain a cordial relation. And Project Arrow’s game helps well.

This is team-building at its best.

It’s a remote team-building game. So what?

Usually, for any team-building game, event companies often book an outdoor place to gather all the participants. The clients need to be disconnected from a hard-working reality in their indoor office.
Indoor games were often Plan B that no event company was a hundred percent willing to operate. It’s, even more, the case when the mood undermined by a rain ruining the plan A.

However, games have changed with the striking arrival of COVID-19. Everyone has to work from home, with their family, far away from their every day’s workmates. This is a harsh reality for the events manager. The demands are all canceled one after another (we already knew such crisis before).

Indoor life...

One solution rose up: Remote team-building game from home. It needed only a few weeks for these companies to come up with an innovative and working solution.

And we believe in the efficiency of a community: We encourage our partners to develop their own game, to present their creation to everyone.

I have been part of a test of one of these innovative games. And as I described earlier, I loved it.

I saw a bright potential in it.

Now, what? How do I start this remote team-building game?

It depends. Are you currently familiar with Loquiz?

  1. If no, I would advise you to contact me directly. I can show you the possibility of Loquiz. I actually have many other stories that I can share with you. But I would share first of all the story of Project Arrow.
    Here is my email address. Feel free to ping me 😉
  2. If you are familiar with Loquiz, I would gladly encourage you to contact our partners from Holland, They will do the necessary to make a captivating presentation of their brilliant game. They have great expertise about how to financially benefit from this game, from this whole coronavirus’s situation.

To do so, simply go to Games Market from the Loquiz back-end:

Screenshot from back-end - Step 1 - Starting a remote team-building game

Then select Project Arrow:

Screenshot from back-end - Step 2 - Starting a remote team-building game

And finally, Contact Seller! They will happily respond you soon 😊

Screenshot from back-end - Step 3 - Starting a remote team-building game

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