New app = improvements

An important announcement!

We have launched our new iOS and Android app version. The launch of the new app means new features, but first of all, an update of the app in all of your devices! Please update your apps to the latest version. The old version doesn’t operate anymore and sends you the notification on the need for the update. 

Keep your location centered on the map with “Follow me” feature

“Follow me” button is now integrated into the game and the map view — both in iOS and Android.

Follow me button is in the upper right corner of the app.

Before this change, when the players accidentally swiped the map to a farther distance, they needed to relocate themselves via opening the menu of the app (and clicking “Follow me” on the list). Now, whenever there is a need to bring the player back to the game area, it could be done with the “Follow me” button. The “Follow me” button is automatically appearing to the device screen.

Also, the map is from now on aligned with your location. That means you will always be in the center of the map and don’t need to drag the map when you need to center yourself with the map.

Optimizing the map selection within games

To refine the end-user experience, we are modifying the option of giving them a choice to select between multiple map types. The difference between native maps, Mapbox maps, and others has reached a minimum and providing the players too many map options could be somewhat confusing than efficient.

From now on, the game creators can choose one map view plus the satellite view – two maps in total – in their games. 

That said, how to proceed with the exciting games? This change is forcing the platform to assign one map view plus one satellite view from your map settings for each and every game. The order of preference is:

  1. Google map custom style
  2. Mapbox
  3. Mapbox outdoor
  4. Native map (Google, Apple)

As the main map in your existing games will be assigned by default, you might want to take a look and change the main map in your map settings.

The essence of the test mode

The test mode is 1-on-1 to the version from the players’ perspective. It includes all steps that players will experience (e.g. team name entry) and in addition to that, fake location and no team credits deduction possibilities.

Another extension is the reference to the correct answer while completing the tasks in the testing mode. The reference is in red and below the answer submitting option. It allows the game creators/ instructors to experiment, how the app functions in different cases – if the answer is correct or incorrect.

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