iOS 12 GPS problems

When Apple introduced iOS 12 to iPhones and iPads, we started to see issues with location accuracy on iOS devices. Since that time, several bugfix releases have been issued by Apple, but it seems that on some devices the location problems still exist.

The problems are not limited to the Loquiz application. They also appear in other location-based apps such as Google Maps, Waze and even Apple Maps. 

However, while car navigation can also work with medium accuracy, then Loquiz always needs an accurate location for tracking players and activating tasks. So on some occasions, users encounter issues with GPS reception first when using Loquiz. The issue is problematic because it is not always present and can appear seemingly for no reason.

Searching the web, several discussion threads discuss the issue and how to overcome it. It seems that for different people different solutions work.


If you have updated to iOS 12+ (and you should have), then make sure you have all the latest updates applied as well. Apple has been working on fixing the issue and it is very likely that they will improve the situation. Apple has specifically stated that from the 3rd of November 2019 older iPhone and iPad models need iOS update to keep GPS location working.

Restart the device

Some users evidently have been able to fix the location issues by restarting their devices. This means powering it off entirely (using the slider “slide to power off” and then restarting it. In case you are using Loquiz at the time, you can easily continue the game after the restart.

Reset Location & Privacy

Go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Location&Privacy

When resetting Location settings, you need to grant the settings to Loquiz again. Loquiz will ask them after it is started.

Ensure Location Services are ON 

Go to Settings->Privacy->Location Services

Location services need to be switched on in order for Loquiz to work.

After using Loquiz you should see in your apps list in settings that Loquiz has location access. Check this by going to Settings-> Loquiz->Allow Location->While using.

Change Network settings

Some users have apparently reported that switching off LTE on newer devices and using 3G fixed their location issues. Also, some users have reported that resetting your Network Settings helped them to regain the location for their device.

There is quite a bit of material about the GPS issues with the Apple iOS 12 update. For more information check out an article on the Apple Toolbox.

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