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Battle Bingo game

Battle Bingo is an exciting strategic outdoor game developed by Team Dynamics event company. Similar to the familiar Bingo game, in order to win prizes, players compete to complete sequences on the Bingo card.
Read on how to implement this game it in your event company.

In Battle Bingo all teams hold on to the same card arrangement. Unlike the traditional luck-based Bingo game, Battle Bingo is all about choosing the right strategy, solving problems and completing missions before the other teams do.

The Bingo card and available numbers are clearly visible on the screen. Teams must reach the scattered numbers while moving to locations outdoor in order to mark their card.

The goal of the game is to win one or more of the 5 prizes available (ranging from very small prizes to the “grand prize”). By default, the teams who reach the highest scores win the prizes.

However, there’s a special twist to the game. Regardless of scores, if a team completes a unique sequence on the Bingo card before the other teams do, this team ‘steals’ a prize from the top five scorers (row, column, diagonal, frame and full card).

Furthermore, teams can win more than one prize in a single game. e.g. a team can finish filling a column before everybody else, stealing the fifth prize and finish first in score taking the grand prize (assuming no other team manages to finish the whole card before the game ends.)

Task’s/riddles scores change according to the task’s/riddle’s difficulty level. For example – riddle ‘3’ will grant the team 3 points, while riddle ’42’ will grant them 42 points. The higher the score, the tougher the riddle. That is why choosing the right strategy for the team is crucial for winning the game.

The tasks are visual and as a default based on pictures, an advantage well exploited when migrating the game to a different country, so that translation time is minimal. The content of the tasks includes a variety of topics such as sports, popular science, popular and high culture and much more.

The game is easily adjustable and personalized, allowing the admin to add or change tasks. Such changes can refer to the game’s area or the playing group (locations of interest and company information).

The game is cool because:
1. The game’s biggest advantage is that it is very easy to explain but tough to master. It allows a strategy layer to the game and adds suspense, as other teams might always be ahead of you seconds from completing the sequence you were working to complete.
2. It is easy to set at any location – all you need to do is ‘clone’ the original game, and now with the new Loquiz feature – drag and drop all pins to the desired area. You would just have to verify that pins are not located in an inaccessible location.
3. The game enables easy content and graphics adjustments, so the client can get a ‘tailor-made’ experience with minimum effort.
4. The game can hold any group size, starting with 20 players (it has already been successfully played with 600 people).
5. The game duration can be modified by moving the number pins closer together.

To sum it up, Battle Bingo is a very simple and cool game to operate. It adds a level of strategy that is not always available at other “score games”. The prize stealing mechanism keeps players in suspense through the entire game, while the cool riddles keep them busy and entertained through the entire game.
Finally, it will take you one online training session to position the game at your favorite spot and get you game on.

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