10 things that change to better when using Loquiz

Here are 10 things that will change to better when you start using Loquiz. All scientific and proven facts.

1. You will use less instructors in your events
This is something that almost every active Loquiz user points out: ” we are using a smaller number of instructors than we used to in games with Loquiz.” And that opens up some new opportunities.

2. Your sales lead times will be shorter
That means that you can fulfil orders with a much shorter lead time. Even if the game needs to be modified for a location and content. Often companies utilizing Loquiz promise to fill orders for the next day anywhere in the country, but there are some extreme cases where orders are fulfilled within hours of getting an order.

3. Event customization becomes a habit
Adding customer information (logos, content, locations etc.) into the game becomes so easy that you start doing it constantly. You will do games at your customers office in the cities new to you and also customize the content and appearance.

4. Instructors will get a chance to be productive outside the events
You will utilize your instructors free time coming up with new concepts, scouting important areas for location specific info and setting up packages for the best venues. So, you can utilize the low season meaningfully for preparation.

5. You will be able to run much bigger events
Platforms scale more easily than people, so you will end up taking larger groups than before. Handling these groups is less headache usually by software.

6. Smaller groups will increase in profitability
While you are able to run bigger groups, the smallest groups will become profitable. Using less instructors allows you to run the games for much smaller crowds. Should you do it, depends on your strategy, but it will become a possibility.

7. If you buy your own tablets, you may have a good side business as tablet rental
This has actually happened to few of Loquiz users. In one case, the tablet rental business is comparable in size to their event business. Also you may find that some other software will allow you to utilize the tablets for the other uses. So,you will start seeing opportunities that you did not know existed before.

8. Your event cost structure will change
Many of our users used to work so that the event cost was fixed before the event. Number of instructors and equipment were fixed, even if participants did not show up. Now your cost structure will partly be fixed as you still need the preparation, but Loquiz cost depends on the actual number of players. So, if there are less players you will either make more profit or won`t hurt yourself with client enforced cost cuts.

9. You will start observing participants online
If you are running scavenger hunts, you will quickly develop a habit to follow the players online in real time. You will know what is up and if there are any holdups in the event.

10. You will more start to participate in charity
Yes, no kidding, you will. That is for two reasons -first, the costs of running events is lower, but also because Loquiz as a company supports the charity projects which our users run.

Bonus! You will become a part of international community, building your global network and sharing ideas with like -minded companies around the world.

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