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Zuiderzee museum game by Helder events- a case study

Helder Events has been running an awesome indoor game targeted at private customers in Zuiderzee museum in the Netherlands. I interviewed an eventprof Suzan Romar to find out how and why this game project was brought to life and how creating their games with Loquiz look like.

Tell me a bit about where the museum game is run and what kind of museum it is?
The name of the museum is the Zuiderzeemuseum. It is a museum which tells something about the history of a part of the Netherlands. This museum has outside and inside exhibitions. They have built a village outside and inside you can see some items people used before. We made the game for the inside part of the museum to have more visitors over there.

When did you start to run the game? What is the season?
In October, because the outside of the museum is only open from 1st April till 1st October. So the museum wanted to give the visitors something special in a winter season.

What is the goal of the game?
To escape from the museum before the water is too high and you will be flooded.

How is the game wrapped up, was sorting out a winner important?
No, a winning team is not important. You just have to escape from the museum, because otherwise you will be flooded. The game is made for kids, so it is quite easy to escape, there is no time limit.

How and where can people purchase the game?
Only at the cash desk of the museum. They will buy the log in and they get an envelope with some stuff you have to use in the game.

How many people play at a time?
We sell the game for a group with a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 5 people.

How many people were involved in creating and running the game?
I created it by myself with a little help from the museum employees and 1 colleague who checked it.

What was the timeframe to bring this game into life?
I worked about 100 hours on the game. But I made 2 games in this museum, so a few hours overlap.

What is the best part or task of the game that you personally like?
The videos you can upload. We had so much fun making the videos!

What seems to bring out the best emotions and feedback from the participants?
Actually, we don’t see the participants playing. Next month we will have an evaluation about last months. But once I saw them playing, they liked the exercises where you have to search in the museum.

What advice would you give to someone who plans to set up an indoor game with Loquiz?
Don’t worry if you’re not good at systems. The Loquiz system is very easy!

What impact do you believe Loquiz has had on your business (goals)?
The game we sell with Loquiz is not something we usually do, we made it because we work together with the museum on other fronts, but they asked us and we saw we could make a profit out of it. So that is good for the business goals. Our clients like the games we have built with Loquiz ,because they are easy to use, they look professional and are modern.

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