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How quickly it is possible to grow your business with games?

One of the frequent questions we get is how many game events per month it is realistic to run. Technologically there are no limits- the biggest event so far included over 4000 participants. Business growth wise the most efficient event companies using Loquiz run over 120 game events per month during prime season months.

However, we decided to look into the stats how quickly companies grow the amount of games within one year of implementation of Loquiz.

We have followed some new Loquiz users’ progress in 2018 and the results are on the graph below. On the graph there are 6 companies who became Loquiz partners in the first quarter of 2018 or in December 2017. We can see that after the initial few months, which has been spent on learning Loquiz and testing the games out, the average amount of Loquiz events per month in the second quarter is 6. Some companies have managed to make only 2-3 events, but one has managed to sell already 12 events per month during the spring.

By the high season of June to August, the average number of events per month has more than two-folded and risen to 14. We can see two companies who have even reached around 20 events per month using Loquiz.

By autumn, the speed of the growth has a bit decreased, but many companies are reaching 20 events per month threshold, although some have fallen back as the high season has ended. One superstar has nevertheless risen to almost 50 Loquiz events per month! What we can conclude from the graph is that it is quite typical to reach 20 Loquiz events by the end of first year with Loquiz and only the sky is the limit.

And this chart contains only events which utilize the games created with Loquiz. Besides the games, these companies are also running other events without games. But as the trend shows, games tend to take a bigger share of the event company activities portfolios as years pass by.

Kristiina K-150Kristiina Kukk Has been working with different types of data as an analyst for eight years in public and private sector. Enjoys making sense of numbers and giving them voice and meaning. Also likes spending time in the nature and reading.

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