New design of Loquiz and features.

Latest version of Loquiz app is in Google Play and Appstore. The app design has changed and it offers you multiple new options. Some changes are almost invisible, improving overall user experience. But some have been anticipated long and are prominent part of the app interface. When you update smart-devices take time to learn what has changed. This way you understand how it affects game looks and can instruct players accurately.

+You can set custom colors to change the app appearance to match your company colors. Main and second color will apply to different app elements.

+Login screen will feature after the first game-play your logo you have set in your account settings. If you have not set it, Loquiz logo is displayed.
After logging in with event specific username and password event specific logo is shown if you have added one while creating the event.

+Login screen will be after the first gameplay in the language you have set in your account settings. When game is started, it uses the language you have set in game’s Configure page.

+Photos and Videos added as media to the question are shown along the question text straight when question opens up.

+Websites added as media will be displayed as a link in the questions’ texts. It is wise to look over and test your old questions that have website links added as media.

+Hints viewing option is moved under questions answer options.

+There is a status bar in the side menu- indicating how many questions are answered by the team.

+Incoming chat messages are indicated by a blinking speech bubble making messages sent to players more visible.

+High contrast mode players can switch on to improve visibility in bright daylight conditions.

+Resuming the game has been changed. It can be done now in the view where the team name is entered.

+Logging in to the app with your email provides a better overview of open events and option to play test them.

The list above is not complete. There are many elements to discover and which affect the feel of the games you have built. Update Loquiz app on your devices and definitely take time to familiarize yourself with the changes. This allows you to understand how new design affects game experience and how to instruct players.


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