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New feature! All answers to a question considered correct- survey questions

survey question in team building games

Now you can  set questions up as survey questions. It means that all players` answers to the question are considered correct. Sometimes there is a need to get a response  from the players in an open form, and reward them for that. Sometimes you need to find out which option is preferred. Now you can do that and set a question as a survey question. It means that all the answers  given or chosen by the players  are considered correct.

survey question in team building games
Question types that are affected by this are a multiple choice, multiple answer, text and number type of questions. You can find the feature while creating a question in the very first tab. Tick the option if you wish to set up the question as a survey question.

Use this feature to drop into the game an occasional survey question to gather players` feedback on anything. It is a good way to get feedback so that players almost don’t notice it between other questions which have correct or wrong answers.

With survey question, no matter what is the player’s answer, “Correct answer!” is displayed (if you have chosen “Show if the answer was correct or incorrect”  on the  Configure page of the game)

This works especially well in smaller trainings where the  viewpoint of each player or team might help you to drive the program further.

Some examples of the questions which serve well as a survey question.

+Which is the most important subject in today’s teamwork training agenda?
Team communication
Team trust
Team leadership
Team roles

+Discuss who is the best communicator in your management team?
Li Wu

+Which cooperation partners have the necessary resources to cooperate with our company on the project H in 2018?
Innovation ltd
Greatresults AB
Happinessly OÜ

+Think out with the team what should be our motto! Write it to the answer field!

+What are the three important key factors affecting our company’s revenue?

+How many % of the clients are considered “golden” in our database?

+How much would you plan for team events in our HR budget in 2018?

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