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Using anagrams in Loquiz

An anagram is a word or a sentence formed from another by rearranging its letters. I personally am using 2-3 anagrams in each Loquiz game. Here’s how.

For example, if your word is POLO, then the  anagram might be LOOP or POOL or even something that does not make any sense, like PLOO.

To create an anagram question I usually start by creating a text question. For example:

One of our corporate values is hiding behind the following anagram LAY I MU TUT. What is it? Type the answer into the box below.

Then you can add an  extra hint that says “It is only one word

You see that if you  made it a multiple choice question it would be way too easy to answer.

One of our corporate values is hiding behind the following anagram LAY I MU TUT. What is it?

Trust; Kindness; Mutuality; Respect

It also works pretty well with Location specific questions. Sometimes you have a sign you could use in a game, but just do not have a good question/hint combo about it. Then as a last resort, I sometimes just ask:

What word is hiding behind the anagram RECENT.

Now the answer could be anything, but I usually add the hint “The answer can be found nearby”. So when players see the sign CENTER it should give them enough clues to solve the question correctly.  This works always and that is why I am using it sparingly – only when there are no other options.

Another cool way to use anagrams is to use them as hints for text questions. So lets say you have the following question

“What is the birthplace of our company?”

Names can be very often written in many different ways (so you could actually add several correct answers in text questions in Loquiz), but sometimes I like to add a hint: “It only consists of the  following letters: RAP IS.”

So the player would get a hint it is PARIS, not PARIIS or something other in a local language.
The cool thing is that here are free anagram creation programs online. So you do not have to even rearrange the letters yourself. Just search anagrams and you will find plenty of generators. Then just type in your word and will see many possible variations of that, so you can choose the funniest one for the game.

I am sure there are other ways to use Anagrams in Loquiz. How would you use them?

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