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Team building game for schools in Latvia- case study

Loquiz was used by EŽI for Ltd “Tele 2” event “ZZ Championship” . The amount of games conducted was stunning even for us.  On different dates, and in 5 different cities,  12 000 youngsters participated. 480 Loquiz games were played. In the big finale, 4500 school kids participated and 180 outdoor Loquiz games were played.

team building activities for schools

Active tourism center, EŽI, is one of the leading cooperative event providers in Latvia. For the last 3 years, EŽI has been the main partner for Ltd “Tele 2” in the project called “ZZ Championship” with various team building activities for schools.

Kristine Gulbe from EŽI shared with us: “As a part of this Championship we chose to use Loquiz, because it is fun and interesting way of how to evaluate the logical knowledge and erudition of school kids. Another benefit that worked in favor for Loquiz, was that it included electronic devices. These are nowadays  very attractive for youngsters and they are very excited to use these modern technologies. From organizational point of view, by using Loquiz, it is much easier to summarize the results in a very short period of time.


“ZZ Championship” is the biggest mind and sport competition for school kids in Latvia. The goal for “ZZ Championship” is to unite the class mates and bring them closer together, so that they would learn how important team work is, as well as to insure them an unforgettable and adventurous day.



During the “ZZ Championship” we chose to use the “Clue indoor Quiz” game. The weather conditions at this time in Latvia wasn’t so good to use the outdoor game for youngsters and because of the very strict time limit that we had. But in the big final outdoor version of Loquiz was used.

Loquiz fulfilled our expectations for 100%, as we received a feedback from the youngsters that it was one of the most interesting and exciting activities that they have done. “

We are happy that the Ezi team shared their thoughts with us and hope they keep up the good work with conducting the events among corporate clients and schools.



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