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How to choose a tablet for outdoor team building games?

If you start running outdoor games on smart devices you probably have to decide what type of tablets to use. Following are tips from Loquiz user experiences how to choose tablet for outdoor games.

It is good idea to get hands on with different tablet models. If it is possible to rent tablets then try out what seems to suit your needs. When you decide to buy smart devices then there are few things to consider before deciding.

Making it durable for outdoors.
There is no fully rugged tablet available so importance of suitable case shouldn’t be overlooked. Equally as important as the device is a case. For some devices good cases are available, for some not so good. See some There are generic versions you can get online but their durability  has proven to be poor.

You can also use bags what fit many different models. If you plan to run games that need photo snapping option then choosing bag can be tricky. See our recent post about How to protect i-pads or tablets and make them weatherproof?  If devices are used in cold weather then bag can also increase battery life as it keeps devices own heat around.

To play outdoor games devices need GPS sensors. Many tablet models have it but still check out this feature is present. For example wifi only iPads do not have GPS either.

3G and 4G (HSPA+ or LTE)
4G is faster than 3G and is available in many countries. 3G has more stable connection in some places.  Before buying a device, find out how good is 4G and 3G in an area you plan to hold most of your events. Some devices have only 4G, excellent would be if device supports both.
Diffence between 3G and 4G is further explained in PC Mag

It depends on taste whether use 7-8 inch tablets or  10 inch. Smaller are available with better price- you can buy more at a time. Bigger screen allows more team members to gather around one device to keep track of the progress and be equally involved in the game.

Battery life
Using the GPS function drains the battery pretty quickly but tablet computers have enough in them to last even a longer game. Over time, we have seen that if the battery of a tablet computer is fully charged, it will still have around 70% of battery life left for the end of the game. In colder conditions, sometimes there is very little battery left at the end of the game but it is always just enough. It’s been tested out in far north – Estonia and Finland.

Screen visibility
Outdoors, in bright sunlight all tabs lose fair amount of visibility. So try out tab in sunny conditions before buying bunch of them.
Examples what happens in different light conditions with visibility can be seen on Display mate  test.

Bluetooth and other specs that are needed for your setups.

What about  tablets with bargain price?
Loquiz users have tried  tablets what are on the cheaper end of the scale. Yes they worked but conclusion is that they still lack some aspect of functionality mentioned above. Some lack  precise compass, some have bad screen visibility in sunlight…


Android tablets and iPads.
There is a wide variety of choice available. All Android tablets from major producers should work fine. Loquiz app is simple enough so the processing power or memory of any decent device will not be a factor.

Loquiz users run their games in various tablets successfully. It may take some effort to explore device before buying it. Loquiz app does not run in Windows devices.

Goos trick 1: first buy one device and play around with it in different conditions and settings to test specific model’s limits and then purchase the full fleet. You will get something that fits your company needs.

Good trick 2:  buy bigger amount of tablets when new model comes out- then usually model released  before  is priced down. For example you can find Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, what is ideal for running Loquiz games, with much affordable price than Galaxy 4.

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