New features in Loquiz PRO

We have some pretty cool improvements in Loquiz PRO. These only affect how the games are made. In the player everything is still the same.

Here are the most visible ones.

1. You can now copy questions. So you can now create new questions based on existing questions. Just select a question from a question list and choose copy or alternatively “save as a copy when the question is open”.

2. You can now add a question location by searching for an address. This should make it way easier to add location specific questions in cities and also helps in countryside.

3.When creating freeflow outdoor games we now show question score on the map and also total of all the points in question list. So you can easily put more difficult questions farther away for example.

4. Navigation clue is now called Pre Clue. Meaning that you can use it for any information you want to give about the specific question before the question opens. You can still use it for navigation, but also for letting players know the theme of the question or anything else. You can now find it under Comments/Clues.

5. Results screens (accessible in tablet through testing mode or from PRO through event link) now display Game info. Instructor now sees all thhe important information about the game in one place.

6. In result screens map can now be displayed in full screen so you can show to wider audience where locations are and how teams are doing in the game.

7. You can now mark questions Slovenian and also create Slovenian languages. Application support for Slovenian language will arrive in next update.

In addition several small fixes.

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