Loquiz at family reunions

As we have said numerous times before, Loquiz can be used for any occasion, whether it’s a team building event, a birthday, corporate event or just a fun way to spend time with your friends.

I recently thought of another scenario where Loquiz could serve the purpose of one entertaining activity – family reunions. I’m sure everyone has been to at least one of them, lots of distant relatives you didn’t even know existed, lots of introducing and catching up. Why not make it easier for everyone and also more interesting for the younger people at the reunion while giving the older people a new challenge by giving them a chance to play around with a tablet computer. For many people from the older generation it’s something they have never handled before. This is where Loquiz comes in.

If for example 70 people get together at a family reunion, it’s more or less certain that there are at least 10 tablet devices between all of them so it would not require an extra investment as Loquiz could be played on any device. All the introductions and catching up could be more fun with Loquiz by adding questions about different family members and for example about what they have done.

Another option would be to use Loquiz later on at night when everyone has had the chance to catch up with each other or maybe talk to someone who they haven’t talked to before. What about adding questions about every person and finding out which member of the big family has been socialising the most and finding out the most things about other family members? Or why not make questions about what people have been up to after the last family reunion where everyone met? For example, where does auntie Angie work now? Or how many years have Bob and Jane been married?

It could certainly be a good way to make the evening a bit more fun for everyone. Even the children who might otherwise be a bit bored around the ‘old people’ could have their own game where they answer simple, custom made children’s questions.

Keep in mind that creating a game would take about 30 minutes and it could entertain people for hours!

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