Limit Fast Forwards

April 26, 2012 - 2 minutes read

One feature that Loquiz has had is called FFWD – Fast Forward.  It is basically a button to open your next question early. Usually the question opens when you arrive to the correct location, but FFWD allows you to open it right where you are.

Every time to use the option one penalty point will be added to your score. So it is not without consequences for the player.

For the game designer the option is important

Sometimes it happens to our clients that they need to design a game without visiting the place. So when a point is not accessible in the nature for some reason then players could use FFWD.  So it is kind of  insurance that your game is never interrupted just because for some reason a point is not accessible.

Couldn’t players just push through the game with FFWD?

They could, but it in practice they do not.  You are not probably able to win if you use FFWD more than needed. Plus for questions that are about specific location you are most probably not able to come up with correct answer.

What’s the news?

Until now the FFWD was unlimited. With the new version game designer can choose to set the limit for Fast Forwards.  The limit could be zero, so players do not have the option at all. Or players could be allowed to use FFWD few times just to make sure the game works even if the ship is parked in the middle of the square  🙂

Players still get the penalty point every time they use FFWD.

NB! By the way, with unlimited FFWD you can actually run ordinary quiz without moving around at all.

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