Questions that need teamwork

June 20, 2013 - 2 minutes read

How do you add team assignments to Loquiz? Not questions about teamwork, but actual questions that need teamwork to get an answer? At first sight adding active assignments where whole team is engaged seems next to impossible. It is not usual to have team questions in quizzes. But with some creativity it can be done.

One way is to formulate a question so that it can be found out using just your and your team-mates’ bodies. Few examples are in place I guess.

What about this?

Putting fingertips on your two hands together is an easy task. Can fingertips put together the same way on two persons right hands? Thumb to thumb, index to index etc.

Answers: YES or NO

Try to figure that one out without trying and then find somebody to try that with. Were you correct? Two people are engaged on this one.

Or something more romantic?

Is it possible that two people standing no less than 1 meter apart, looking straight ahead both into the same direction, hold hands so that ones right arm holds others left arm and ones left holds others right?

Answers: YES or NO

You should really be able to figure this one out without even trying, but it will sure get some discussion going.

Ok, but lets try to get more people involved. What about this…

Four persons. Tall, tallish, shortish and short. Tall puts a hand on short person knee. Shortish person grabs tall’s free left hand. Tallish leans a knee against short’s left knee that has no hand on it and grabs the same hand of the shortish with the other hand. How many right hands are still free?

Again you can probably figure it out, but then you can also be sure and just try it.

It might also be a good time to take some team photos right there 😉

Just go on and develop your own from there.

PS! Also think about all the possibilities that come from combining your team and objects around you.

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