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Case study: How Gamification helps Google Maps grow

Google Map with an icon from Loquiz

Do you ever wonder how all the information on Google Maps is gathered? Have you ever noticed that you can contribute to it too? This is all done easily thanks to the Maps Google Gamification.

Google Maps logo

At Loquiz, we love seeing our users get creative with gamification in all sorts of places. We’re also really into checking out how gamification is used in different apps – it’s pretty fascinating stuff!

So in this article, we’ll take a closer look at Google Maps and how everyday people like you can make it even better. We’ll also explore the fun side of contributing through gamification.

So, let’s discover how you can play a part in shaping the digital world around us.

What is Google Maps and how users contribute?

Google Maps is a powerful tool that allows us to explore the world, find our way, and discover new places. But did you know that it’s not just a one-way street?

Google Map screenshot: The GPS
One of the main uses of Google Maps: GPS

People like you and me can contribute to Google Maps, making it more accurate and helpful for everyone. You can add missing places, write reviews, upload photos, answer questions, and even correct information that might be inaccurate.

Google Map screenshot: Choose the best ramen restaurant in Paris
Another usage: Find the best restaurant based on each user’s review

Your contributions can help others find the best restaurants, the most scenic spots, or even the nearest gas station.

Two examples for the contributors

One exciting aspect of contributing to Google Maps is the gamification element. This means that contributing is not just helpful, it’s also fun! When you make contributions, you earn points. These points can unlock special badges that recognize your achievements.

For example, if you add a new place or provide detailed information about a location, you might earn the “Trailblazer” badge. This badge shows that you’re an explorer, helping to chart new territory for others to discover.

Additionally, as you accumulate points, you progress through different levels, such as Level 1, Level 2, and so on. Each level represents a milestone in your journey as a contributor and comes with its own set of perks and recognition.

For example, reaching Level 5 may unlock exclusive events or early access to new features, adding an extra layer of excitement to the contributor experience.

Google Maps screenshot: Dashboard for the points and the badges
I have the Expert Trailblazer badge. And I have 6663 points. Nice, isn’t it?

How the Gamification works in Google Maps for contributors

So, how exactly does this gamification work on Google Maps? Well, when you contribute, you earn points for each action you take. The more you contribute, the more points you earn. And the more badges you earn too.

For instance, adding a new place or providing detailed information might earn you more points than simply leaving a review.

Google maps: Modifying the roads
You can change the road layout by yourself. It will help millions of people using their GPS

As you accumulate points, you unlock different badges, each representing a significant milestone in your journey as a contributor.

Does this work well for Google Maps?

The gamification system in Google Maps has proven to be highly effective. It has encouraged countless individuals to actively participate in improving the accuracy and completeness of the map data.

The system provides incentives, recognition, and a sense of achievement for users who contribute valuable information to the platform.

Not only does it make contributing more enjoyable, but it also fosters a strong community of mappers who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experiences with others.

To conclude

In conclusion, Google Maps is not just a tool for finding directions; it’s a platform where everyone can play a part in creating a more detailed and enriching map of the world. The gamification aspect adds an exciting dimension to contributing, turning it into a fun and rewarding experience.

So, the next time you’re exploring Google Maps, remember that you have the power to make it even better for yourself and others. You can keep the spirit of exploration alive and continue to map out the world together, one contribution at a time. And it’s fun to do so!

Moreover, it’s also useful for our Loquiz games, as most of them rely on Google Maps and require the most accurate information to provide seamless gameplay.

If you want to discuss a bit of gamification with me, then I would gladly go for it! I have many topics that I can share. And I can also show you how you can apply your gamification in real life, using the Loquiz platform (which you can try for free!).

Feel free to book a 30-minute demo on my calendar.

A Loquiz illustration of two people on the world, listening to each other

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