Webinar: Join our Discord Server “Escape Game”

Yesterday we had a webinar where we could try the game “Escape Imagination Land” together! Thanks to our ongoing webinar series, you’ll be able to create your own outdoor Escape Game with Loquiz.

Now we have a Discord server. Feel free to join, we will discuss together how to create an outdoor Escape Game with Loquiz.

To join the server, just click on this link:


Discord is a discussion platform similar to Slack, gamer-oriented. You can use it from software or from your browser.

Once you’re on this server, you can share your own Escape Game to get feedback from other users. In the future, we will have more activities to come!

There will be different channels to discuss different topics related to this webinar. Each session will have its own channel as different topics will be discussed.

For sessions 2, 3, and 4, the webinar recording links will be available on this server.

Join any of our discussions!

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