Join the webinar “GEMParis City Tour Gameplay Session” and earn a prize!

World Tourism Day

For the 28th of October 2022, Loquiz is happily organizing a gameplay session where you can earn a prize. We manage this to celebrate World Tourism Day.

The United Nations offer this day to celebrate tourism as “one of the pillars of development”. Indeed, the pandemics and the lockdown led people to realize how much tourism is a vital industry for our economic and social life.

As a gamification tool that helps with tours, we would like to contribute to this global event with a gameplay session!

Join our gameplay session, enjoy a virtual tour of Paris, and earn a prize

I personally conceived the virtual tour using Loquiz. So that I know Paris “as my pocket” (as we say in French), as I was born there. And so I lived in the Parisian region for 20 years before moving to the Baltics.

Visit Paris

We will play this game together. In the end, one of the participants will earn the following prize:

A whole year of Loquiz with the “Travel & Tourism” package, worth 2000 euros.

The winner will be randomly chosen.

So, how do you earn this prize? How do you participate? Just register the form on this page. Then you will automatically receive an email with the Zoom link.

We will play this game as a virtual touring showcase at this event. Then we will have a session of questions and answers: we will happily answer any question related to the tour industry. From our experience, we’ll be happy to help your tour business grow.

We hope to see you numerous there!

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