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The new game template Escape Imagination Land is released! Try it out

An outdoor escape game for your event

While summer lasts in our Northern hemisphere, we need to enjoy outdoor activities. As a platform for such games, we offer you a game template that you can play from anywhere!

You can already try it out if you scroll down until you find the QR code.

In this game, your team will be locked in Imagination Land, a place populated with fictional (or semi-fictional) characters. Going from level to level, you’ll find an exit!

In each level, gain the trust of the characters. Consequently, they’ll show you the way out.

This game template differs from the others by being easily editable. Indeed, you can keep the “Escape game structure” and change the content of all the tasks, it will become your own game.

What kind of events is this game for?

If you’re looking for a short 15 to 30-minute outdoor game that you can set up anywhere, regardless of the number of players (10 or 1000 players, as you wish), you can offer this game.

This game is a fun way to engage groups in cooperating, solving riddles, and escaping while moving around.

The leprechaun can help you

This template is available in the game template market. You can copy a game in your template and offer it to your clients. You also have the right to modify it, and to use the game for commercial uses as much as you want (as long as you have a Loquiz plan).

The story: Imagination land

You all wake up.

You look at your surroundings. It’s a beautiful medieval landscape.

However, some things seem off.

… Everything looks cartoonish.

Dragons are flying in the sky and citadels are visible from afar.

What’s going on?

A mysterious person comes to you.

“Hello adventurers.

Welcome to Imagination Land.

You’re here to populate my Imaginary world. Enjoy!”

You are locked in Imagination Land…

Therefore, you need to find your way to escape.

However, you spot many imaginary characters. Perhaps, they can help you…

Try Escape Imagination Land now!

You can already try the game now! First of all, download the Loquiz app (Android or iOS).

The Loquiz logo

Then open the app, and accept the different permissions.

Press “Or scan QR to log in”, so you scan this QR code:

You can also type the following:

Username: escapeIL123
Password: 405

What will come later…

In the future, more will come about this game template!

  • How you can set up the game for your team
  • A version using the map instead of the odometer
  • How you can create your own Escape game
  • A webinar where we’ll build together Escape games!

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