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2023 Webinar series: Create your own Escape Game with Loquiz

A new webinar series!

The new Game Template “Escape Imagination Land” is out. With this template, you can easily create your own Escape Game. But where do we start? That’s indeed a difficult question.

For this reason, Loquiz is hosting a series of 4 webinars:

We will show you session after session how you can build your own Escape Game.

Aside from the webinars, we will host a Discord server: Attendees can ask questions or submit suggestions.

EDIT: Find the recordings

Find the recording of the webinar sessions here! Please note that the first session wasn’t recorded, as it was only a test session.

Webinar #2 – Develop the Escape Game’s content

Webinar #3 – Let’s dive into the game’s rules + map

Webinar series program

Here is the schedule. There will be 4 sessions, 1 per week. Each session will explore one aspect of an Escape game with Loquiz:

Webinar 1Test an Escape Game with Loquiz28th of September, 10:00 CSTAdd to your calendar 📆
Webinar 2Develop the Escape Game’s content05th of October, 10:00 CSTAdd to your calendar 📆
Webinar 3Let’s dive into the game’s rules12th of October, 10:00 CSTAdd to your calendar 📆
Each webinar will have a recording.

How to attend

To attend the webinar, check out our newsletter. You will receive one Google Meet link that will remain the same throughout the 4 sessions. When you get the link, just come to any of the webinars.

Besides, you can also click on “Add to your calendar” on the program above. This will consequently add an event to your calendar where you can find the Google Meet link.

If you still can’t find the link, then feel free to contact me.

Attend, and you get a perk!

If you attend any of the webinars, we’ll send you a blank version of this template, where you can adapt your content.

The template will include thorough instructions to adapt the game and change the content into your own topic.

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