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How to brand your Loquiz game?

Brand your Loquiz game

How to make sure that your Loquiz game looks like your own, with your brand, or your client’s brand?

In this article, I will show you how you can customize your game so that there’s specific branding on it.

Why would you need to brand your game?

When we sell a game to a museum or a corporate, they will make sure that their brand is associated with the content of the game.

If the final player thinks that the game was developed by them directly, then you win!

Branding! It's important to brand.
Icon by Flowicon

On the contrary, if you have the name of the tool on the different visuals of your game, this might be somewhat unnecessary details from the player’s perspective. Yet, I know that plenty of tools require the game provider to keep their logo.

So now, let’s see how we can brand your game. In other terms, let us see if we can customize the visual appearance to reach your client’s needs.

How to brand our Loquiz game

Loquiz has different features to customize and brand your games. So here they are:

The game logo

First of all, the most important: The game logo.

It will appear on the top left of the screen of your Loquiz game. By default, it shows the Loquiz logo. But you can change it from the settings.

Here, you can get more information about this feature.

So now, let’s take an example: The Missing Easter Dinner.

The logo of the Missing Easter Dinner game.

With this logo, let’s see where to add it. Go to your game’s “3. Configurations”. Then look at the top left part of the screen.

A screenshot to show where to change the game logo.

Save. Afterward, it will look like this from the player’s perspective.

A few screenshots of the missing easter dinner game.

Notice the logo on the top left of the screen. Nice, isn’t it? It can be your game’s logo. Or it can be your client company’s logo. Or both.

The game colors

The logo itself is not sufficient to establish the branding. You will also need to change the colors.

What if you make a game for the Dutch State, and you need to add orange color, as their national color?

With Loquiz, we get your back! You can make every button in the color you wish.

Let’s take the example of Jules Verne’s game. One color is dominant: Light beige. It represents wood, as it was a more common material back in Jules Verne’s era.

Take a look at the main picture:

Jules Verne Last Travel's logo

We also want to make the buttons with a similar color. To achieve this, go to the “3. Configurations” part of the game. Then on the right part, in the “Design” section, you can change the button’s colors.

Make sure you untick first “Use default from account settings”!

A screenshot on how to change the button color.

You can take a few default colors for your account. Or you can also choose your custom color.

A wide choice of colors for the buttons.

I chose my own color, using a hexadecimal code. It’s convenient when your client company provides you with the code of a precise color, related to its brand.

Chose your color based on the hexadecimal color.
Fun fact: Ferrari (#34234), UPS (#FFC40D), or Cadbury (#4B0082) patented their own color. Do not use these hexadecimal codes in your game!

Consequently, as you can see, the button matches with the chosen colors:

The game map and its icons

If your game is outdoors, then it will look even better with branded items on the map.

I want to show you 3 elements of the map: The overlay, the icons, and the area color.

1. The overlay

Let’s take the example of the 24 minutes of Loquiz. In this game, we let the players run around a virtual racetrack for 24 minutes.

The logo of the 24 minutes of Loquiz

How do they know the racetrack from their screen? By adding an overlay picture on the map configuration:

The map of the 24 minutes of Loquiz

Use a .png file with transparency. Then it will appear on top of your map.

With this file, you can easily add the logo of your client’s company.

2. The icons

Some of your tasks may appear on your map. Then, how should they look?

Go to the task’s settings

Task settings

From “Additional settings”, you’ll be able to edit your task’s pins.

Tasks settings: The pin icon

You can change the pin icon into your own .png file that can be your client’s company logo. In our example, we have a car icon from Freepik.

3. The area color

Furthermore, you can also change the color of the activation area. The area is where the task will open, once the GPS location match.

How an icon looks like on the map
In our current case, it is blue. What if you’d like to change it?

To change the color, go into the same settings as previously, Edit task > Additional settings > Area color.

Task settings: The area color

As for the button color, you can quickly pick a color or you can choose a custom hexadecimal color!

Branding your game, a final word

To conclude, I can say that Loquiz has a few features that allow you to brand your game. Furthermore, there are other customization features that allow you an even deeper branding process:

  • The playground: You can use pictures instead of a map or a list. On these pictures, you can indeed put any of your brand’s designs. You can try it here!
  • The audio: A branding may also be expressed by sounds. Use audio to add sound effects and songs that are related to your brand!
  • Augmented photo: Add your client’s brand to a photo taken by the players!
  • Augmented reality: Using 3D items, you can set up your brand in quite a futuristic way.

In some gamification apps, branding can be limiting or expensive. However, in Loquiz, the sky is the limit for your to brand your game! And you should get all these features even in our normal plan, “pay-per-use”.

If you want to know more about this, then feel free to book a meeting with me! I would be delighted to discuss all of this with you 😄

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