Loquiz allows task creator to choose what sound is played when task opens.

To access background audio settings open task for editing, go to Media tab and choose Background Audio settings.

Background audio plays when a task is opened. It does not matter what type of task it is or by what means it is opened. There is no additional action needed by the player. Player also does not have the ability to stop the sound or replay it.In order to hear background audio make sure the phone is not on silent mode.

Default sound

Default sound setting for all tasks is No Audio. That means that no sound is played when task activates.

There are four built-in sounds in addition to No Audio:

  • Bell (this is the old doorbell sound)
  • Clock timer ticking
  • Large Explosion
  • Notification

Uploading your own sounds

Task creator can upload their own sounds. The maximum sound file size is limited to 1MB. Sound formats supported are: mp3, wav, flac, 3gp, aac. After the sound is uploaded it becomes available for all future tasks. There is no need to upload the same sound repeatedly.

Sounds are converted to mp3 for the mobile devices, so please check that the sound is of needed quality also in the actual game.

Sound behavior on the mobile device

A game creator can decide if the sound is played once or looped during the time task is open. Looping is a good idea for timer and once, for example, the explosion. A player has no control over sound (like replay), then it might be a good idea to use loop option if important information is given through audio.

Sound files will start to download after the game is started. If several tasks have the same sound effect attached to it, it will be downloaded only once. If tasks have different sound effects they will all be downloaded separately. Make sure you have good connectivity when using sound.

Audio is stopped while watching video, or taking photos, recording videos or navigating away from task screen.

Batch editing sound on multiple tasks

Batch editing supports also task sound. More information about batch editing can be found here.