Field variables are dynamic fields. When you define field variable in your task text it will be replaced with the corresponding text. You can utilize field variables within a text or as part of the link.

At the moment Loquiz supports following variables:

  • ${TEAM_ID} – will be replaced by the actual team id when player registers to the game. It is useful when building your own result pages and need a way to direct a player to specific place within the leaderboard. Main use is as part of the dynamically generated URL.
  • ${GAME_ID} – this will be replaced by the current game id and can be used to show the results page without having to provide the link.
  • ${SCOPE} – this will be replaced by the scope you set on the Tickets you have created and can be used along side with ${GAME_ID} to show the Results Page without the need to provide each link to each ticket.
  • ${TEAM_NAME} – this will be replaced by the team name when player sets it. Can be used to Task text in order to display the name of the team and make the game more personal.

When new variables are introduced they will be published here.


  •${GAME_ID} – when used in task text or finish message etc. will show the results page of the game.
  •${GAME_ID}:${SCOPE} – this is very useful for when you want to include the Results Page on each Ticket you have created. It will automatically take the current game id and scope in order to display the Results Page.