Each task can include an image, video clip and link to a web page. Go to the “Media” tab in the task’s edit screen to add media. Media is shown when a task is opened inside the app.

Images are downloaded to the device at the start of a new game (so good internet connection is needed), videos and web pages are streamed directly from the internet when media is opened!


One image can be added to every task. You can use either classical image format (JPG, PNG, etc.) or animated image (GIF). Read more about how to use GIFs in your task.

To add image, just upload it from your computer. Keep the photos small, so they perform better in mobile devices. (Maximum size of the file is 10 MB).

Special behavior in photo task

In case the task type is photo task, then the attached photo is shown over camera feed during photo capture. 


YouTube video

One YouTube video can be added to each task.  Use the link that is meant for Sharing from YouTube.

Should look like this  https://youtu.be/”clipID”. Where “clipID is the specific ID to your video.

Paste a link to YouTube Video section. Videos are streamed directly from YouTube servers when the video is opened.  Be careful when using videos in areas with a weak connection.

Vimeo videos

Alternatively, you can use the Vimeo video service to show videos within Loquiz application. Use the Vimeo sharing URL and add that to the Task Edit screen of the respective task.


Audio works similar to video once the task is open the audio can be started and stopped by the player using on-screen controls.

Background audio

Task creator to choose what sound is played when the task opens. There is no additional action needed by the player. The player also does not have the ability to stop the sound or replay it (Maximum size of the file is 1 MB). Read more about how to use Background audio.

Augmented photo

To add special photo overlay to augmented photo task type use the augmented base photo functionality on Task tab.