Jules Verne’s Last Travel Adventure game

The game specifics:

  • this is an in- and outdoor game and requires walking;
  • you can play it alone or within teams
  • features two different routes with different game experineces
  • has one of the most advanced feature and creator rulesets among free games
  • players have to cooperate.


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We’re in 1886 and my name is Jules Verne. A catastrophe is going to happen on the other side of the world. Thus, you will be included in a party of three brave explorers to travel and stop that danger from happening. You will take decisions. You will use different transportation machines. And you will walk with your futuristic device.

Play this outdoor game anywhere you wish. You can play it alone, with colleagues or with your relatives, with one or several smartdevices.

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Out of the box
Decision making
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