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Gamification in training for your new employees

How to implement gamification in training for your new employees

New employees using gamification as a training approach during onboarding

Gamification in training has become an increasingly popular approach for enhancing employee learning and development. By incorporating game elements into training programs, companies can create a more engaging and interactive learning experience for employees, especially for new employees who, for instance, go through an onboarding process. What is gamification in training? What are the benefits of gamified training? What corporate training games can you use to improve new employee engagement and learning outcomes? Discover all the answers in our blog post!

What is gamification in training?

Gamification in training refers to using game elements in corporate training programs to motivate and engage employees and create an interactive learning experience. Gamified training leads to better retention of information and skills, thus making it a valuable opportunity for companies looking to improve the effectiveness of their training programs for employees.

Why use gamification in corporate training?

Gamification in corporate training has several benefits, making it a practical approach to training new employees. First of all, gamified training is highly engaging and interactive, leading to better retention and understanding of the presented material. By making training more interactive and immersive, new employees are more likely to remember and apply the provided information in their daily working routines.

Gamified training also provides real-time feedback to learners, allowing them to assess their progress and identify areas where they need to improve. This feedback mechanism helps improve the learning process and ensures learners stay engaged throughout the training program, creating an excellent opportunity for both trainers and managers to identify areas where improvement is needed and adjust their training accordingly.

Finally, another benefit of gamification in the workplace is a cost-effective approach to employee training by reducing the need for traditional training methods, such as e-learning or classroom-based learning, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

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Gamification examples in training

Gamification has become increasingly popular in training, and there are numerous examples of how companies have successfully incorporated game elements into their training programs. Some gamification examples in training include onboarding quests that guide new employees through their orientation process, mobile apps that provide training content in a gamified format, as well as simulations and role-playing games that allow employees to practice new skills in an engaging environment. Gamification can be applied to various training topics, from customer service and hospitality to technology and leadership. By incorporating game elements into training, companies can make learning more enjoyable and effective for their new employees.

How to gamify training for new employees?

Gamifying training requires a thoughtful approach. Here are some steps you can follow to implement gamification in training for your new employees:

  1. Identify the learning objectives: Start by identifying what skills and knowledge do you want your new employees to acquire. That will allow you to set  the learning objectives for your training program
  2. Choose a gamification platform: Select an HR gamification platform that aligns with your training goals. Ideally it should provide a variety of interactive games onsite or remotely that can be customized for corporate training.
  3. Create engaging content: Develop engaging and interactive content that aligns with your training objectives and game mechanics. For example, you could create a scavenger hunt game that requires employees to find and answer questions related to their new job responsibilities.
  4. Provide feedback and rewards: Provide immediate feedback to employees and reward them for their achievements. This can include virtual badges, certificates, or even physical rewards such as gift cards.
  5. Test the outcomes: Like any training program, testing and iterating your gamified training is essential to ensure it’s effective. Solicit feedback from employees and adjust your program as necessary.
Employees using devices such as smartphones and laptops for a gamified training program

Gamification ideas for training

Looking for awesome gamification ideas for training? Here are 8 gamification ideas you can use to make your corporate training more engaging and effective:

Quiz games

Create a quiz game using a gamification platform, that tests new employees’ knowledge on specific topics, such as the company’s history, values, products, or services.

Onboarding quests

Create an onboarding quest using a gamification platform that guides new employees through their orientation process. The quest can include job-specific tasks related to information about the company or job responsibilities. 

Interactive videos

Create interactive videos that allow employees to make decisions regarding their new job responsibilities or any other work-related situations and see the consequences of their actions. Such a gamification approach in corporate training allows employees to interact with the training material and provides a more personalized learning experience.

Simulation of real-world scenarios

Create simulation games to recreate various work-related scenarios that new employees may encounter. Such an approach of gamified training creates a sense of practicality to the training material, leading to better retention and understanding.

Role-playing games

Create a role-playing game that allows new employees to practice interpersonal skills at the workplace, such as communication and conflict resolution.

Escape rooms

Create a virtual escape room using a gamification platform. Although this idea is more suitable for various team-building events, it can be used as a gamification approach in training to introduce and bond new employees by making them work as a team. Employees can work together to solve puzzles and challenges to escape the room.

Virtual scavenger hunt

Create a virtual scavenger hunt using a gamification platform. Employees can work individually or in teams to complete challenges and earn points. Similarly to escape rooms, this corporate training gamification idea helps both engage employees and develop the ability to collaborate when working in groups.

Mobile apps

Develop a mobile app that provides employees with the training content in a gamified format. Employees can earn points and badges for completing training modules and competing against their colleagues.

Final remarks on gamification in training for new employees

Gamification in training is a powerful approach to engaging and motivating new employees. By incorporating game elements into the training program, companies can create an engaging and interactive learning experience and collaborative work culture.

Gamification in corporate training has several benefits, including improved engagement and learning outcomes, real-time feedback, and cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, corporate gamification can foster a positive and collaborative work culture where new and already working employees feel appreciated, recognized, and motivated to achieve their goals. All of that makes corporate gamification an effective tool for companies looking to improve employee performance and create a more enjoyable work environment.

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