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QR Code Scavenger Hunt: 20 ideas for your events

A lady with a QR code on her Tshirt

QR codes have become mainstream, but it can be tough to find QR Code Scavenger Hunt ideas. And yet, these games are fun and easy to set up: Scan a QR code, and you get anything in less than 1 second. This simple mechanism may result in countless game possibilities.

So here are 30 ideas that you can set up now:

1. QR code scavenger hunt for a fair

What’s the best way to engage visitors with every stand from a fair? Gamification! Distribute one QR code for each stand, and let the player discover each of them. Each QR can open a quiz.

In fact, Loquiz made a game template for a QR scavenger hunt for a fair. You can try it out here.

First QR Code Scavenger Hunt idea: QR Hunt for your events

2. Indoor QR code hunt

Does your client require an indoor game? This can happen. Who knows if it’s going to rain during the event?

Stick the QR codes on the walls of your building, let the player find them, and they’ll have some indoor fun!

3. Museum QR Hunt

It’s easy to put a QR code in a museum: These squares can fit anywhere. You could add QR code stickers on each item’s glass. Then you can distribute a game at the beginning of the path where players have to scan as many QR codes as possible.

4. City Tour Hunt

Instead of using location or GPS, why not use QR codes on posters or stickers? That’s a great way for the players to start interacting with their environment. Indeed, going to a place is good; but looking for clues is better.

5. T-Shirt scavenger hunt

What if you print T-shirts with a different QR code for each? And people have to scan each other. Each QR code may lead to a quiz about the given person.

A lady with a tshirt that has a QR code on her back

6. Easter QR scavenger hunt

A QR Scavenger hunt fits with some of the celebrations. For instance, on Easter, we chase for eggs in some countries. So why not make eggs with QR code stickers on them? Or even print flyers to hide.

We offer a template for Easter, the Easter QR Hunt. Try it for free here!

7. Shopping mall QR code hunt

Sometimes, shopping malls host events for brands. It’s a good opportunity to attract people and discover their location. What if you create a QR Scavenger hunt? You could add QR codes in every shop. Then every player has to find them and answer the related quiz.

8. Musical QR codes

Would you like to test your player’s musical knowledge? Do a Musical QR code scavenger hunt! Print QR codes, put them on the wall of a room, and then use the Loquiz Creator: Each time a player scans a poster, a task with music will appear. With a multiple-choice question, they can select the correct song and earn points.

9. Christmas QR scavenger hunt

Earlier, we mentioned Easter. What if you do the same with Christmas? You could add a QR code for miniature elves that you can hide across the house. And if the player gets all the QR codes… They consequently get a Christmas present!

10. 5 senses QR scavenger hunt

In my experience, players appreciate workshop games based on the 5 senses. You could make one with QR codes: Hide them in an area, players find them, so they can start activity stations related with one of the senses.

For instance, they could find a QR code that open a tasks showing the location of a stock of chocolate bars. Then they have a riddle based on the taste of these bars.

11. Barcodes instead of QR codes?

EAN barcodes are everywhere around you. Just take a box of tea bags: You’ll find one of these. Instead of printing out QR codes, you can rely on any packaging that has one of these barcodes.

And guess what: Loquiz can recognize these EAN barcodes!

This isn’t part of the QR Code Scavenger Hunt ideas per se, but barcodes work very well too! Moreover, players are more accustomed to it than our squared codes.

Barcode on a can

12. Crazy Deals, a conference game based on QR codes

Loquiz offers you a game for conferences. Hundreds of attendees can play this negotiation game. All you’ll need is a Loquiz account and printing cards (we provide the documents). The cards include all the QR codes needed for the game.

You can copy a game from the template page and edit it as much as you want.

Another QR Code Scavenger Hunt idea: The Crazy Deals game

13. World QR scavenger hunt

There are 206 countries in the world, and you could make one quiz question per country in Loquiz by creating 206 tasks in the same game. Then each of the tasks could be a QR code leading to a trivia quiz about the country itself. Fun, right? You could challenge people’s knowledge about geography.

14. Movie Quiz

Does your team enjoy watching movies? Then you could challenge everyone with a movie quiz. In a room, add many posters of each other’s favorite movies. Add a QR code in the middle of each poster. Then, using Loquiz, make a task open for each QR code.

15. Gym QR scavenger hunt

Does the HR department of your client’s company want to make their employees move more? Add a bit of gamification, then everyone will enjoy this task more. You could add many posters in a room. Each of them represents one series of workouts. So the players can start any series of their choice by scanning the associated QR code.

16. Small businesses hunt

Is there a festival in the city and you want tourists to interact with as many locations as they want? You could make a game where the players have to scan each small business’ facade. From this idea, shops could add a QR code to their main window.

So the winner could be the first team who scans all the QR codes and answers every quiz correctly.

17. QR Murder Mystery

Imagine a game where everyone owns a QR code. Each of them determines a role. Then one of the roles could be the murderer.

From there, people have to investigate with each other to figure out who’s the imposter. On top of that, you can add thrilling storytelling to keep players engaged.

18. Gossip hunt

In a company, everyone loves to gossip about each other (as long as it’s respectful!). Using the idea of T-shirt QR as exposed earlier, players can scan each other and get quizzes about their gossips.

Using the result page, see who’s the most informed about everyone! 😁

19. Student QR Hunt

A QR code scavenger hunt could be a good idea for new students. Indeed, by scanning QR codes across their campus, they can learn about their new place for studies. It can be intimidating for new students to start a new routine in such a large place, but gamification with a QR scavenger hunt can help them out.

Besides, I wrote 20 ideas for a college scavenger hunt.

20. Serious game QR Hunt

By serious game, I mean a corporate game where we teach about values such as inclusivity or emotional intelligence.

So what if you create a room with many posters? Each of them represents one aspect of this subject, so each player has to complete them as many as possible.

How to create a QR Scavenger hunt?

Using Loquiz, you may develop any QR Code Scavenger Hunt ideas. Indeed, this gamification platform allows you to put game ideas in real life.

Start a free trial account, follow this tutorial about QR Code Scavenger Hunt, learn about the Creator, and then you’ll be set!

A QR code on a pole

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