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Create an augmented reality game with 3D objects by Fectar

3D objects, like 360 degree photos are an exciting way to create real-life augmented reality games. Such games allow placing 3D objects into your own surroundings- office, street, home and observe them from any angle. Some 3D objects allow interaction like opening doors or pushing buttons. This means the questions for games will be more interactive, unique and puzzling. Loquiz gamification platform works with Fectar 3D objects.

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How to get started?

1)Play to understand how this feels for the players! Bonus- in the game is a video where you will find out who in Loquiz office was pretending to work 😛

Install Loquiz Loquiz from Google Play or Appstore
AND Fectar Google Play or Appstore

scan with Loquiz app the QR below or enter username:  VPU919 password: 6047

2) Get started on your own Loquiz account

-this feature is available only on professional accounts upon demand. Write hello@loquiz.com to request activation of 3D objects with Fectar on your account.

-Loq into Loquiz Creator and check out in Tasks > Public Library tasks with tag “3d object”

-Watch tutorial video and set up tasks for your own game. Adding 3D objects is possible to all 11 task types

Some important notes while creating augmented reality games

-to use Fectar you have to subscribe to their paid account (the monthly fee is affordable under 50€/mo in 2022 summer). Note that if you want to use tasks with 3D objects in the games which you build with Loquiz you have to have a paid Fectar account and Loquiz account.

-devices people play on, must have the Fectar app installed in addition to the Loquiz app. So probably it makes sense for you to provide prepared devices for the players and augmented reality game as an exclusive activity. Or instruct players before the game to go through the installation of both Loquiz and Fectar apps.

-using 3D takes a technically capable phone/tablet. When players use their own devices there is a high probability that some show up with old models that are not going to make it for augmented reality games. (which demand graphics processing and consumes battery!)

Additional teasers and question ideas

The 3D offers also some options for more creative work. For an instance- you can create 360-degree video and add it as a portal in the game. Possible questions. “Look around, is the guy in the video waving both or one hand?” “Do clouds move from left to right or right to left in the other dimension?”

But it it is still pretty cool to place a car into the office 😛 Possible question: “Look if the car has an engine?” “Look in the trunk, is there a rabbit in it?” Because yes- some 3D object allow interaction like closing, opening, pushing!

We hope this blog post gave you inspiration to create your own augmented reality games or tours and make sure to contact us on hello@loquiz.com with any questions about gamification!

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