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A thought about the current situation in the events industry – optimism and fear (June 2022)

People enjoying a team building despite the Covid situation

What’s the current situation, regarding the Covid?

This question is heard less and less as we advance throughout 2022. My answer is optimistic. Indeed, many corporations request events, However…

However, this reminds me of an important question. The events industry depends on the restrictions and the situation.

The most important factor is the willingness of the client companies to request a game. Until April 2022, they were quite reluctant about it.

Because of this, we all have in mind this traumatic experience: By the beginning of 2021, client companies finally started to reserve events.

But then, they started canceling en-masse due to the sudden arrival of Omicron.

Would that be the case today? Not really. We became acquainted with the Covid’s up and down.

We start to have a clear vision of the future.

Today, we start to have a clear vision of our future.

Despite lifted restrictions, clients still want a clear vision of their future. If they expect new restrictions for the next 6 months, then they would stop planning anything.

However, this dynamic is different today. In June 2022, clients start to book events for our users. Indeed, summer is coming in the Northern hemisphere. Governments lifted restrictions. Besides, the past lockdown boredom pushes people to be more active.

Loquiz is gladly helping our users with outdoor games. So that players can finally meet, run, and enjoy playing under a vibrant sun. From my interactions with our users, I witness many more outdoor games than during the last year.

And this is great.

Will we keep doing Zoom events?
Will we finally meet together outside of our screen?

Will this situation remain forever?

Sadly, I don’t think so.

That’s why my title mentions “fear”. The Covid is handled, but not gone. The rate of cases remains the same, if not higher, than last year. But it can rise up for the next fall (as the European Commission expects). Indeed, there are more cases during colder seasons.

Moreover, some multinational corporations limit their expenses due to the inflation and the energy crisis amplified by the war in Ukraine.

As an event manager, should that worry you?

If you’re prepared, then you should be ready for it. Nowadays, events managers became able to plan for virtual/remote events. This helps if the covid restrictions become tighter or if the company can’t afford an outdoor event.

Comparatively, the pre-Covid era was much different. Virtual events used to be something very specific. Not a lot of client companies were fond of it.

Nowadays, they are comfortable with virtual events.

A virtual event through the world
We are actually comfortable with virtual events.

To help with this, Loquiz wants to remain a solution for both virtual and outdoor events.

Using Loquiz, you can easily widen your game catalog for your events.

So if you have enough games, you can promise your customer your availability no matter how’s the situation:

  • Is there a lockdown? No worry, you can adapt from outdoor to indoors.
  • Is a country closing its border? No problem, a hybrid event will be the solution.
  • Does the client need to cut the expense of plane tickets and hotels? The hybrid events can also help.

By “Hybrid”, I mean a setup where each group is physically together. But all the groups play remotely. Thus, each office can be a remote team on Loquiz.

People enjoying a Loquiz game.
A hybrid game can be outdoor. Here is an example from Québec!

As an event company, if you’re finding yourself in front of a potential client, you can show them the following list of free games. This would demonstrate to them your ability to adapt to the situation, no matter how’s the Covid.

Outdoor games (if the summer goes well)

  1. Missing Easter Dinner
  2. Jules Verne’s Last Travel

Indoor games (if the rain or the Covid hit)

  1. Virtual Scavenger Hunt
  2. The Ugly Sweater Escape
  3. The Dark Manor

Note that all these games can be played regardless of the location. These are good games for a hybrid setup.

Moreover, you can already try these games now: They have a QR code to quickly start on their own page.

Disclaimer: This article exposes my subjective point of view. I might be wrong in certain aspects. However, I’m trying to depict what could be the objective situation as of today, the 10th of June.

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