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The Missing Player kidnapping game by KRONOS Experience

Take a look on games around the world that different event, team building, tour, and adventure companies are running. In “Bring your game on!” video presentation series we will take a look at some of the most intriguing, profitable, and fun game products introduced by the companies.

In this presentation, Dominique from KRONOS Experience tells about an exciting kidnapping game called “The Missing Player!”

To get more information about “The Missing Player”, visit:

If you wish to live this experience during your event, or offer it to your clients, contact the KRONOS Experience team at


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The Missing Player is a game that is offered to corporate groups that are physically together or in person. The concept is adapted for groups ranging from 10 to 1000 players.

1 Kronos on The Missing Player

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00:05 – 00:23

Speaker 1

Hello. Now we are here today Bring Your Game ON series with Dominique from Kronos experience and he is going to show off a really cool game about kidnapping they have built. So the floor is yours. And so thank you for joining us.

00:23 – 01:22

Speaker 2

Well, you’re really welcome, Lisa. So hello, everyone. Let me put myself in the big screen if I can do this. Uh, yes, like this. All right. So my name is Dominique. Lisa, as Lisa said, and I’m from Chronos Experience. We’re a company located in Quebec, Canada. So, yes, if you were wondering, we do speak French in this part of the world, some of us. So we have been in operation for 17 years, doing a lot of different things associated with health and well-being. And one of our divisions was historically focused on team building. So when the pandemic struck, we into integrated lockers and started developing team building concepts that could be played both virtually and in person for clients all around the world. So it has been like a huge help for us to just kind of stay alive and to to put our creativity in a different

01:22 – 02:11

Speaker 2

So it’s been a really nice adventure. We’ve been living with Loquiz so far and it has its challenges like everything. And the game I’m going to present you today is called The Missing Player, so that’s a pretty cool game that is offered to corporate groups that are physically together or in person. So even though like we use a little quiz app and I’m in a virtual studio as our facilitators are, this game is really built for teams that really physically are going to see each other because pandemic is kind of ending in most parts of the world. And people want to get together, they want to have fun, they want to do things and they want to build corporate memories. And this game is for them. And I’ll be talking about this for the next like 20 minutes or so.

02:11 – 02:56

Speaker 2

So the concept is adapted for groups ranging from 10 to 1000 players, and the concept is offered in French, of course, and in English, and it can be played anywhere in the world, even for companies that have like, for example, offices or employees in different parts of the world, in different time zones. The game is for them. They can live, they can reunion, they can gather reunion and reunite together and live something incredible together at the same time. So that’s pretty cool. The concept is simple We propose our clients to kidnap their boss or an important person in their company and then organize a rescue mission to save to save their missing player. So let’s have a look at our little video trailer.

02:56 – 03:01

Speaker 1

You are the new target of a dangerous criminal who calls himself the goalie.

03:01 – 03:07

Speaker 2

Indeed, some interlopers have attacked a well-known company, leaving many of its employees in a state of anguish.

03:07 – 03:37

Speaker 3

I would take it seriously if I were you. It is a real tragedy for the employees of this company. I told you I will not let you down and I won’t let you down. Following the sudden disappearance of one of their colleagues, a model employee to save your missing teammate, you’re going to infiltrate the KHL. Members of the NHL were reportedly seen in the vicinity of the victim’s residence. I’m not doing school. Well, if you’re not coming for me, it’s a.

03:37 – 03:38

Speaker 2

Good day.

2 Who would you like to kidnap in your company?

Tags: missing player, Zoom meeting, Participant, goalie, facilitator, team building, criminal organization, criminal group, Player, Game, sports gear, Fun, Client, VIDEO, special report, presentation, excitement, NHL, Event, virtual studios

03:54 – 03:56

Speaker 2

Are you ready to play?

04:02 – 04:03

Speaker 1

Mm hmm.

04:04 – 04:25

Speaker 2

Yeah. So. Yeah. That’s that’s that’s hard. That’s pretty hard. So I’m just going to ask you, Lisa, how can I take this away? Oh, like this. Oh, you’re there now. So, Lisa, who would you like us to kidnap in your company, for example.

04:26 – 04:30

Speaker 1

Mhm. That is a tough. I would propose multiple people.

04:31 – 04:31

Speaker 2

Oh good.

04:32 – 04:48

Speaker 1

Right. I would. I think one of our founders is a good because he has organized a lot of events in his life and he has spent so much time running around, he would enjoy chilling in one place and waiting for others to catch up with him.

04:49 – 05:01

Speaker 2

Okay. And do you think he would be willing like to play the part and to to send us some silly videos where he pretends to be castrated someplace and suffering and things like that? He could be a good player.

05:01 – 05:03

Speaker 1

I hope so. Yeah. Yeah.

05:03 – 05:18

Speaker 2

Okay. Well, we’ll think of all out for this, like for this presentation. So I’ll kind of explain to you how it would be going, like if you would be taking this game. So I’ll just put myself back into this big thing. Okay. Oh, now it’s you.

05:19 – 05:21

Speaker 1

I can see you very well.

05:21 – 05:58

Speaker 2

You can see me. That’s good. Excellent. So excellent. And so we have a super concept with this. And the best part is that will be with you all the way through the planning of this event. So it’s really a turnkey concept. So the concept goes like this, the game, or rather we could say the experience is divided in three parts. There’s the before here, there’s the game and there’s the after part. The before part is kind of built to create excitement and to have the players, the participants, kind of really excited about what they’re going to be living.

05:59 – 06:27

Speaker 2

Now, we have also the day of the event, of course, where players will physically meet. They will be using little quiz and they will be sending us silly volley videos and they will be living the experience. And after that and well after the experience, they will be living like kind of the best of video, best of moment in our live studio here with the facilitator that will kind of get some of the videos that participants sent and just, well, relive the experience.

06:27 – 07:16

Speaker 2

So let me talk to talk about this like a bit more precisely. So 7 to 10 days before the event, we make sure that all participants will receive the following web page. So this page is used to create kind of a build up amongst all the players. We inform them that their company might be the target of a criminal called the goalie, whose intentions are to recruit the best elements from every team around the world to take part in his criminal organization. So with this page we want to excitement had the employees talk about this during the following days in the corridors if they meet or in their Zoom meetings. So who among them would be kidnapped? So that creates kind of a sense of, you know, a sense of a people will be will be excited.

07:16 – 07:50

Speaker 2

Now, a few hours before the event, we finally announce who was who has been kidnapped. And we do this with style. Of course, we send a breaking news report like this. So they see like this video and it’s meant as this as if it was really a newscast, you know, and they will get informed that, okay, something incredible happened at this company like Logo is has been targeted by the criminal organization and they will be kidnapping somebody. So that’s where people know who they have to rescue. So it’s really fun.

07:50 – 08:32

Speaker 2

It’s a and of course, as you might see, if I take my time but we have this facilitator talking, we have a journalist talking about this, that all the information about who has been kidnapped, where, and we ask also our clans to send us some footage beforehand. So, for example, I could just take a little video of your workplace and send us a photo of your family and friends so that we can put them like an hour news news newscast. So that’s really fun. And since, like, it’s people, like all the employees see somebody they know, they really get in the concept. So it’s, it’s, it’s a lot of fun and it creates a lot of engagement engagements in the participants.

08:32 – 09:07

Speaker 2

So after watching the breaking news reports, players learn that, of course, they have to participate in a rescue mission to save their missing player. And for this they will meet inspector. So, so that’s one of the characters like in the team building and she’s there on video beforehand and throughout the whole team building. And the look was up. We’re going to hear her voice. Her voice and the goal are but I’ll be explaining later. But she will be like your ally to help save your missing player. And she’s from the tech the. God forces.

09:07 – 09:43

Speaker 2

And she informs all the co-workers that the goalie uses a mobile app to communicate with his team, to recruit to recruit new members. So the tactical forces will just hack liquids so that they can try to infiltrate this app like all the employees will have to infiltrate the criminal group and then they will get some communication with the Googler. Since it’s hacked, they will also talk with Inspector Snow. So so throughout the game, they will have both parts of the of the game. And so it’s really fun. It’s a lot of fun.

09:43 – 10:39

Speaker 2

And the to infiltrate, of course they will have to dress the parts and that’s a good example. Like we asked people that you know people from the criminal group, it’s called the NHL and they dress with sports gear and equipment. It’s really silly, but that’s how they dress. So if they want to get recruited by the goalie while they have to dress the parts. And what’s incredible is that I think that I could easily say that 90% of all our clients really get like this. They they wear some silly helmets and the knee pads or whatever, and they look around town looking like this. It’s a lot of fun. So that that’s always a fun part to have. Participants look a bit silly when they walk around. So that’s all the before. So the people have have not even opened their lockers up and they’ve seen all this.

10:39 – 11:35

Speaker 2

So now there’s excitement within the company on the day of the event, of course. Well, the person that would be kidnapped can’t be with the other employees, with the other colleagues because the person’s kidnapped. So the person has to be away. But on the day of the event, the participants are all dressed with sports gear. They get together in some place and they divide themselves in teams of five players. So they have one mobile device per team and they connect to the games. So we with only one mobile device, it’s easier like this. And since we use a lot of background audio to, to put the voices every time we have like well not every time, but lots of the tasks are really spoken so we can just like put the volume to maximum and then people would just like hear the instructions and then they will just like follow the instructions or do the tasks or things like this.

11:36 – 12:02

Speaker 2

So as they get connected, they will receive instructions from Inspector Samsung asking they’re asking them to start walking and to wait for the goalie to contact them, to communicate with them because it’s the criminal organizations app. So they’re just walking around waiting for communication and the game last 90 minutes and they will have to prove to the goalie that they are being recruited.

12:02 – 12:41

Speaker 2

So the goalie will ask them to so to show how strong they are or what their criminal specialty is. And for example, we even asked them to commit criminal acts. But don’t worry, it always stays within the boundaries of the law. But it’s so much fun to see, like the players creativity. Like some of them will just like pretend to just like pee on a tree or other people will just, like, do silly things in the streets. But it’s always fun. And so far we’ve done like lots of those and nothing really bad ever happened. Like people take with a good judgment, but they have a lot of fun doing this like they can. They turn into kids.

12:42 – 13:20

Speaker 2

So during this time, inspector saw so this you will ask the player for their help in finding their missing player. For example, at some point they will have to use the object scanner to find relays that the goalie uses to jam the signal. Because, you know, the tactical forces try to get to contact with them, but they can’t really because this kind of, you know, messed up with the signals. So by finding those different objects, it could be like whatever a water fountain or different events or they had to take the object, find out and do this. Or at some other place, we use something pretty cool that’s done now.

13:21 – 13:47

Speaker 2

Okay, let’s get. Oh, that was the one. You’ve seen it already. We use the playground and we kind of turned it into a vintage tape recorder with vintage tape player. And players have to listen to different audio parts and using different video audio filters to kind of to decipher an encrypted message. So it’s a fun way that we’ve been using the the app for this game.

13:47 – 14:36

Speaker 2

So since we are concerned with using the strength of a team, players will be facing intellectual, creative and physical tasks. Of course, we also love to see players get out of their car. And so we have some fun and we, we have some original test for the players to perform of. Course and tasks and communications are programmed with the timer so that we can make sure that all teams go through the same adventure, even though they might not cover the same distance. So it’s not something about who’s who will be going the furthest, will have the best experience. Whatever they progress is going to be okay and they will live the same thing. And at the end at the end of the game, if they’re rescue, they’re missing player. The players are invited to the final part of this experience.

14:36 – 15:02

Speaker 2

The third part, the special report. All right. So special report. That’s here. It happens here. So, yes. So following the rescue operation, the company is on the front page of all the newspapers. They have become real heroes. So Cronos media. Well, that’s how we call ourselves for this game. Journalist media decides to devote 30 minutes of its news program to this company.

15:02 – 15:44

Speaker 2

So it can be really fun because then we have like this big, this big thing, like with the they will log into a zoom meeting and be able to see all their recap videos that we edit. They will have like I think is divided in five parts depending on what they’ve been doing. And it’s a lot of fun. And we have a facilitator that will just like interact also with some of the players. So it’s always a lot of fun. So we have here synchronous experience to virtual studios and it’s really good because like we, we have this little bubble where we can really interact with people and it’s a lot of fun.

15:45 – 16:06

Speaker 2

You know, sometimes we have also like interviews with, for example, in this case, we’re going to. No, that’s the same one. My well, yeah, you know. Well, we have interviews with the missing players for, for example, like they have to act a bit like. So how was it to be with the goalie? Like it was it terrifying?

16:06 – 16:27

Speaker 2

And then. Oh, yes, that was terrifying. And then people laugh at this and it was it’s always a lot of fun. So this is truly a memorable moment for participants and for our team. Everyone gets the chance to take a look at their creative and sometimes crazy ideas that others teams have had. And it’s always a lot of fun to watch and to to live.

16:28 – 17:05

Speaker 2

And yeah, so I think that’s about it for the main presentation of our missing player experience. So as you can see, it’s an experience that goes beyond like the low quiz game that we have created. But it’s, it’s, it’s a lot of work also. But by chance, like, I’m not alone in this, don’t worry, we have a wonderful team across experience and what’s great is that we can offer all our experiences to plans all around the world. All our concepts are available in English and in French, and they all are are all turnkey concepts like we’re with you all the way.

17:05 – 17:38

Speaker 2

So we have already worked with hundreds of clients, spread all of our all around the world. Like, for example, we had the Samsung and Hitachi. We have a lot of insurance companies and for one client it was MUSLEH or Michelin. I don’t know how you but you don’t like the tires the the car tires. It was really cool because they had people in China, in California, in there. They had some in France and in Tunisia, I think, and they were all playing at the same time. So all the teams were gathered in different places.

17:38 – 18:17

Speaker 2

Of course it’s different time zones, but it all worked out and it was so fun to see at the end when we had the special report that people were all gathered in the Zoom meeting and they could see like what? At the same time as they did what they did, like for example, in Asia or in Tunisia or whatever. And we could also see like, you know, some places it was morning and others it was night. That’s something incredible with this technology. So yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Exactly. So and and yeah. That’s what I said so for. Yeah. So that’s about it for my concept. Yeah. Huh.

18:18 – 18:53

Speaker 1

Yeah. Thank you for this amazing presentation. And with so many detailed examples of the tasks and how the players can interact with each other and the environment and everything. So it’s really, really inspiring. So as I understand anyone around the world, if they’re interested in having this game for their company, they can contact you. We will learn the details behind the video description this and they can reach out and talk to you how to make this happen with with their company.

18:54 – 19:17

Speaker 2

Yes. And if some luck with partners, it would be interested to to share this game with with some of their clients. Well, with so much things happening, like on our side, like with the coordination and all the videos. Know this, we would gladly partner, like, talk with you to see, like, how we can partner up with this and and just make it happen and just, like, spread this concept all over the world.

19:18 – 19:31

Speaker 1

And that sounds so great. Thank you for joining us here today and for the presentation. And in the future, I hope to see you again in the series to present the other games.

19:32 – 19:33

Speaker 2

I would love that.

19:33 – 19:37

Speaker 1

I wish you very, very wonderful season ahead.

19:39 – 19:42

Speaker 2

Thank you so much, Lisa. Well, thank you so much for having me today.

19:43 – 19:44

Speaker 1

Okay. Bye bye.

19:45 – 19:45

Speaker 2

Bye bye.

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