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Step on Board! Onboarding game for HR by KAHH Development Agency

There are awesome games around the world that different events, team building and consultation companies are running. In “Bring your game on!” video presentation series we will take a look at some of the most intriguing, profitable, and fun game products introduced by the companies.

In the video below, Anneli from KAHH Development Agency is showcasing “Step on Board!”. This amazing game enables you to onboard new team members over multiple weeks. Game has fun as well insightful tasks to tackle! Watch from the video below how this game looks like and why should you implement it for your future HR processes!

If you are interested in this game to be run in your company, contact Anneli:, phone +372 503 0793


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Step on Board is an onboarding board game for different kinds of organizations. It helps the new employee get to know her or his team members helped to adapt to these team members. Anneli is a consultant and trainer at KAHH Development Agency.

1 Step on Board – Anneli’s background in team building

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00:07 – 00:32

Speaker 1

Hello. We are here today with Anneli from the KAHH Development Agency, and she’s going to tell us about a game called Step on Board, which is an on boarding game. And thank you for joining in. So can you tell a bit about where are you from and about your background in team building games?

00:33 – 01:14

Speaker 2

Yes, hello. I’m on the team and I’m from Tallinn, Estonia, and I am consultant and trainer in. Like I said, I go to Europe Development Agency and I have been in my consulting business over 15 years. I also as a trainer and I’m also a team building trainer. So I have been in this team building around, I think ten years or even more, and I love very much drags gamification to different development processes.

01:17 – 01:25

Speaker 1

So this game you’re presenting today, what is it about and why you decided to present this one.

01:27 – 02:03

Speaker 2

And the game name? What I present today, like I said, is step on board and this is on board game for different kinds of organizations. This game helps basically the new employee get to know her or his team members helped to adapt to these team members. Also helps to get new organization, culture and values. So basically it helps the new employee to step on board.

02:04 – 02:58

Speaker 2

And you asked why? Why? Because supporting the onboarding process is so important in these days. So it’s about every contemporary organization. And I think today, as I’m being seen today, employees pick more and more their employers through culture and through mobile use. Also very important, these the feeling the employer creates and therefore all aware employers try to influence this feeling to get more high value employees. And also it helps I think it helps very much to design the employee training. So supporting this onboarding.

2 How is this game played and does it need extra equipment?

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03:00 – 03:07

Speaker 1

So how is this game played and does it need extra equipment to run?

03:07 – 03:31

Speaker 2

Mm hmm. And this is in the game, and it needs only smartphone or tablet. And of course, quiz app. And the game is playable individually yet. So this directs the player to his teammates to ask questions, to do something together and so on.

03:32 – 04:12

Speaker 2

And the game is structured as our office with three floors. All is virtual. So this is not associated with any particular office. This is just a rented house. As our artist saw this. And every floor has to have 15 questions or tasks. And we suggest to play this during one month, basically one floor per week. So you can you can any time pause in the game and to return in suitable moments to continue playing.

04:13 – 04:34

Speaker 2

So about these three floors. First floor contains questions about organization in general. I can I can give you one example. And choppy. Describe in at least three words how you saw your employer before starting your job with us.

04:35 – 05:01

Speaker 2

Second floor is about player team where he or she works. And also I can I can give some one example. I like this. And please do a quick story of your teammates. What has been the coolest event they have done together? Write down most mentioned event.

05:02 – 05:37

Speaker 2

And our third floor of this building is about the culture and values of this organization. And this floor at the head of organization and gives greetings also and talks a little bit about values and culture. And for example, after that speech is question for player. Please write three things you remember the most from this hate speech.

05:38 – 06:07

Speaker 2

So all this is connected about team, organization and organization culture. And also very important is that there is a possibility to customize five questions to this particular organization. And all other questions remain the same for all organizations who will use this game.

3 How much personalization is added to the game

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06:09 – 06:18

Speaker 1

What was my next question, actually? How much personalization is added to the game, But it seems it can be done.

06:19 – 06:33

Speaker 2

Yes, this has to be done because values are different in the organization sense and also a continuum. So if my questions are adaptable and so on, others remain the same.

06:35 – 06:45

Speaker 1

And for who? This game is the best both for, you know, onboarding companies in many types of companies. But there must be some one ideal in mind.

06:48 – 07:00

Speaker 2

I can say that this is suitable for all kinds of organizations who want to support their new employees through onboarding process. So this is my answer.

07:02 – 07:10

Speaker 1

You mentioned already some of the brands or companies or just describe a use case. You have used this game already for.

07:11 – 07:44

Speaker 2

Well, this game is quite, quite the brand new game. So that’s why I can’t give any examples. But we have had several testers from our business area, also from public sector and all they have seen that this is this game is simple, this game is fun and this definitely is useful and usable on in the onboarding process.

4 What is your favorite task in the game?

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07:47 – 07:51

Speaker 1

Already mentioned some tasks, but what is your own favorite task in the game?

07:53 – 08:23

Speaker 2

I think my favorite is one of them, what I mentioned about this. About that, about this describing prescribing in at least three words. How player So this employee had it before starting work because it gives quite lots of information how people see us from outside of our organization. So this is, I think, one of my favorites.

08:26 – 08:35

Speaker 1

But what about the quiz? What is your favorite liquid feature without this? This game wouldn’t work, which makes this game shine.

08:36 – 09:20

Speaker 2

Hmm. I’m future gives the possibility to choose the avatar with who the pair stars do a step on board journey and then playground’s future graphical environment. That’s gave us the possibility to present the floor plans and the looks to the players. Also overall, all the editable electronics visuals, but also science possibilities that allow us in this game to customize the game and make our visions very much come through. Very, very good environment.

5 What countries and in what language can you run this in?

Tags: Game, Estonia, language, English, VIDEO, Manali

09:20 – 09:35

Speaker 1

You know, anyone watching this video thinking, well, I need this in my company, I would love to run on boarding game. In what countries and in what language you are able to run this?

09:37 – 10:09

Speaker 2

We are able to run this, of course, in Estonia language and also in English language. So if you are interested, then you can then you can write to us and maybe we can put our email address down somewhere and then we can we can give you like a demo game access and you can try and if, if you like it, then you can already talk. About this.

10:09 – 10:29

Speaker 1

We have the contacts and video description, so please contact Manali and ask all about onboarding games. I have a bonus question to you. Yes. Out of this whole conversation we have today, if there is only one thing people should remember. What would you say to them?

10:31 – 10:52

Speaker 2

I would say that onboarding is so important in these days. And if you want to keep your cool and the stronger how you raise your employees, then you have to deal with this. And I think our game is to support this process.

10:54 – 11:10

Speaker 1

Very well put. Thank you. Um, I hope you have an interesting winter season ahead, and perhaps we will join in future interviews about other consultation games you are building. Thank you.

11:10 – 11:11

Speaker 2

Thank you very much.

11:13 – 11:13

Speaker 1

Bye. Bye.

11:14 – 11:15

Speaker 2


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