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Loquiz seen on the TV – Christmas market in France

We were again on French national TV! Previously, a family enjoyed a Loquiz game in Paris.

And now, we’re going to Strasbourg for the traditional Christmas Market (or Christkindelsmärik, in the local language). Two families are going to play a Loquiz game developed by Insolit’Prod.

The game was displayed on TF1, the first national TV.

Here is the video. Enjoy!

Découvrez l’un de nos jeux de Noël dans le reportage 50'inside diffusé le 3 décembre 2022 sur TF1 ! 🎄

Publié par Insolit'PROD sur Dimanche 4 décembre 2022

As you can see, a Loquiz game can be a great way to have a fun time with your family! Especially when it comes to rediscovering an important event taking place in your own city.

If you’re not fluent in French, don’t worry. Here is a retranscription:

[00:00:00] – TV Presenter (Nikos Aliagas)
Strasbourg, between the traditional market of more unusual activities for a month, it’s a whole city that immerses us in this end-of-year magic. Report Jennifer Rollin, Franck Brignon and Fabien Davril. Oh, oh, oh, I don’t have Santa’s laugh. Well, I think so.

[00:00:30] – Voice Over
The two warriors have found an even more original way to carry out their mission. Meet Talia Farah and their children aged 6 to 14.
The two young women are from Alsace and go to the market every year.

Christmas Market Strasbourg
Strasbourg’s Christmas market

[00:00:50] – Farah
And we say “Cheese”
All: “Cheeeeeeeese”

[00:00:53] – Voice Over
So to spice up this visit, they embark on a treasure hunt.

[00:00:57] – Talia
So I find the codes.

[00:00:59] – Voic Off
With this application launched by a local company [Note: our Loquiz users Insolit’Prod from Strasbourg]

[00:01:04] – Talia
So, dear friends, explore the squares and illuminated streets of the historic center and try to collect as many points as possible by answering unusual questions or by taking up challenges of all kinds on the theme of… Christmas.

[00:01:19] – Talia
So what are we as a team name?

  • Gourmandise!
  • Ha ha Not very Christmas that… it could be rather “Christmas Team”.

[00:01:28] – Voice Over
For 2 hours, the Christmas Team will meet all the challenges.

[00:01:34] – Farah
We can skip them or even count them, find a santon, photograph it for proof.

Santon figurine, traditional from France
A santon, a traditional French figurine

Farah : Can you zoom in?
Find the worst gift you could give or receive and photograph it.
Talia: Oh yeah
Farah: you take the picture, hop, it’s great! All the parts of the Christmas market, it really allows us to rediscover everything. And in a funny way, because since earlier, we can’t stop laughing, so frankly, it was great.

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