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Exciting Virtual Experiences to Engage Your Remote Team

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When considering hosting virtual experiences for remote teams, it is essential to acknowledge that different styles of events will serve different purposes. With two main categories of virtual experiences to choose from, classic and social, finding the right fit for your team will optimize the success of your event and ultimately help to improve virtual employee engagement.

How do I decide which type of virtual experience is best for my team?

Classic” virtual employee engagement activities, like escape rooms and survival scenarios, will help team members build strong teamwork relationships as they are required to use their critical thinking skills to problem solve and collaborate. These types of virtual experiences are best suited for newer or more introverted teams who would benefit from a structured design and intentional shared goal.

Social” virtual engagement activities, like virtual murder mystery games and trivia nights, encourage team bonding in a more casual and relaxed environment while also developing essential communication and collaboration skills. Best suited for teams who know each other well and are looking to spend some quality time together, social engagement activities for virtual teams are always well received! 

So how will you know which style of virtual experience is right for your remote team? There are some key questions to reflect on when deciding on virtual engagement activities for large groups: 

  • Is my team introverted or extraverted? 
  • Is the purpose of this virtual activity strictly for team building or would the group benefit from some casual fun? 
  • Is the goal of this virtual experience to improve team-work skills or does the team have a milestone to celebrate? 
  • How well does my team know each other? 
  • Is my group more interested in problem solving or comedy? 

Take some time to reflect on your team’s values, needs, and dynamics then decide which of the following virtual experiences sounds like the right fit for your remote team.

“Classic” Virtual Team Building Experiences

1. Virtual Escape Room 

Escape Rooms are notorious virtual experiences for engagement and team building as they bring energy and excitement to collaboration and problem solving. Abandon Ship, a Pirate’s Escape! is a 3D Virtual Escape Room in which you’ve awakened trapped in a pirate’s cell. While your captors are away on land, it’s up to you and your teammates to solve a series of challenges in order to escape before they return. This virtual experience encourages you to work as a team to race through a series of puzzles spread over the entire vessel in your quest to unlock the clues to abandon ship!

2. Virtual Scavenger Hunt 

Scavenger hunts are classic “get to know you” style activities where team members are required to complete a series of puzzles and challenges while competing against other colleagues. As groups are required to collaborate and problem solve, they learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses in an effort to work more effectively together. Rather than racing around a city, use the LoQuiz template to create a virtual scavenger hunt activity for your team to complete from the comfort of their homes. Solve puzzles, capture photos of shared treasures, and take videos as you work as a team to tackle virtual challenges in this engaging virtual experience for groups.

3. Disaster Scenario & Survival Exercise | NASA Exercise


In these classic team-building exercises, teams are given a scenario in which they must work together to decide the best strategy for survival, and come to a consensus in ranking the items they’ll need while adapting to curveballs presented to them as the scenario progresses. What was once a classic pen-and-paper exercise has now been adapted as a virtual experience to encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communication among team members.

“Social” Virtual Team Building Activities Experiences

1. Virtual Murder Mystery 

Virtual murder mysteries are the quintessential “social” style virtual experiences as they get the together and talking for a short escape from reality. With many different storylines and ways to play, such as having the participants act as suspects to find the murdered amongst them, or working with professional actors as the suspects team can interrogate, there certainly exists a style of virtual murder mystery to suit your team. Regardless of the structure or storyline, this type of virtual experience lends itself to costumes, comedy, and plenty of interaction, which makes it the perfect social virtual team event.

2. Customizable Company Trivia 

This budget-friendly, DIY virtual experience for teams will test your group’s knowledge about your company and each other! Using the simple LoQuiz platform you can create an entirely customized virtual experience for your remote team. Send out a quick survey to gather a few facts about each of your team members then create your own online trivia game to spark up the competition as players race to collect points. To encourage maximum employee engagement in activities for virtual teams, we suggest putting up a small prize or reward for the winners! 

3. Human Bingo | Self-Hosted

What better way to get to know your colleagues and foster conversation than with a company-wide game of human bingo! This get-to-know-you style virtual experience will encourage participants to learn fun facts about each other and make memories together through a series of questions and challenges. Send out a virtual bingo card with facts about various team members and quick challenges your group can complete virtually. Whoever is the first to fill their entire card wins. And be creative! This activity is entirely customizable, so include challenges specific to your company and team. You’ll quickly see your colleagues stepping outside their comfort zone to get to know each other and mingle with new faces! 

Whether it’s a classic team building activity or a social event, giving your employees the opportunity to develop key teamwork skills and strengthen their relationships with virtual experiences is a proven way to keep your team engaged. If you’re ready to invest in your remote team with a virtual employee engagement activity, consider the options above for the best virtual experiences for groups. Planning for a hybrid team? Read more on how to host an engaging hybrid event!

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