Celebrate Easter with your Children using the new Object Detector

Celebrate Easter with your Children

The beginning of April is soon. Perhaps, do you need to offer a game for people to celebrate Easter with their children?

From what I know, many game providers get such a demand. So we counted on our community to come up with a game that would fulfill this demand.

Therefore, our partner from Eastern France, Insolit’Prod came up with the Magical Objects Hunt, as you can see here.

So how can you celebrate Easter with your children with the magical object detector?

The magical object detector by Insolit'Prod: Celebrate Easter with your children!

This game suits perfectly for families with 4-12 years old children. It’s meant to be played indoor (so that it fits any lock down’s restrictions). However, an outdoor version will be available.

So, how does the game work?

You are being handed an object detector (that is your phone). From it, you get a grid full of riddles.

A lot of tiles

Each “⁉️” tile represents a riddle. Each tile will be removed if you succeed in its corresponding riddle.

A riddle consists of two or three sentences that represent an item. Then you need to scan this mysterious item, using the Object Finder Loquiz’s feature. It looks like this:

The Object Finder

I have a confession to make: I did not succeed in all the riddles. Don’t believe that it’s only a game for 4-12 yo; the game is also tough for the parents 😁. But that’s a kind of challenge that will bring a lot of fun for your players.

Once you discover the picture behind these 32 “⁉️” tiles (partially or totally), you will understand that it’s a riddle itself. Its answer represents the “Last object”. Once you find it, you win! Congrats in advance!

The final riddle to celebrate Easter with your children!

I have another confession to make: I had great fun testing the game alone at my home. I don’t have children, but I consider myself as a kid with an adult body. And this kid in my mind was delighted to play with this magical detector 😁

So I would definitely recommend you, and your client, to have a try with your family.

Do you want to offer this game it in your own market for Easter?

This game immediately became successful in the French market, even before the day of Easter. Why don’t you sell in your own country (and eventually translate it)? You’ve got a winning game here.

So, let’s see how to proceed:

0. Make yourself a Loquiz account (if you don’t already own one).

1. Go to the Games market from the Loquiz Creator.

2. Select the Magical Objects Hunt.

The Loquiz Games Market

3. And finally, contact our partner to initiate a discussion.

Contact Seller

Have fun!

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