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Create your own Audio Tour (that you can sell) in 5 steps

With the ongoing crisis, some types of events are still going very well. I have one in mind: the local GPS activities for individual people. You can for example create your own Audio Tour to bring local knowledge to the players.

So here are 5 steps to follow now:

1. Choose the place to create your own Audio Tour

Where were you born?

I was born near Paris, in the countryside, in a valley full of history.

For example, aside from birthplace, there are ruins of a Roman temple of Diane, goddess of the hunt. Here, I identified one point that I can use to make people visit. I can easily tell history about this place, or about many other places around Paris.

Think about the places which you are familiar with, starting with your birthplace. You know their local history, you know how to tell them. These stories are what people want to pay for when they visit a place as a cultural trip.

Choose wisely your place that you want people to visit with the Audio Tour that you created.

Parc Naturel de la Haute Vallée de Chevreuse - Dourdan Tourisme
Picture source: Dourdan Tourisme

2. Start designing your tour on paper AND in real life

Once you’ve chosen the place, you need to design the tour. Think about the key places to visit, if one wants to discover this place. Be in their shoes, try to find a rational and coherent link between all the different places.

There is an important question: Would you like a linear or an open-map tour?

A linear tour would consist of a series of tasks that the player does one by one. For example, you can make people discover the path of the storming of the Bastille, that sparked the French Revolution.

An open-map tour would rather give the freedom for the visitor to choose their next destination. For example, you can let people visit the Île de la Cité in Paris, which is the heart of this city. There are many points of interest to visit without any preferential path.

Everything will be possible thanks to the Creator Pro. And this will be the topic of the next point.

Linear Tour vs. Open-map Tour

3. Start creating the audio tour on Loquiz

If you’re not yet familiar with the Loquiz platform and the Creator Pro, feel free to create a new account.

Because this is how we will create your own audio tour. The tour might need a level of complexity, that only the Loquiz Creator Pro can provide today.

In order to provide tailor-made rules for your tour, you have a simple interface based on the Blocky.

Here you can have a look on how it looks like:

Create your Audio Tour using the Creator Pro

While you build your own audio tour, if it still feels complicated, feel free to contact me. I would love to help you building the best Audio Tour for your favorite place 😃

4. According to the task, write down the text and record them in a professional way

If you succeed to build the path and the visual content of your Audio Tour, then here comes the most important part: Recording the audio.

You will need to write down the text for every point of interest.

Make sure you have a text with the simplest language possible: Short sentences, easy vocabulary, one idea after another. Moreover, you also need to speak in a slow tempo, varying tempo, letting a 1 or 2-second pause very regularly.

This previous advice was given to me when I once had training on how to make a good political speech. This was given to me by a close advisor of the current Parisian mayor. I do believe that these points are even more relevant in the case of an audio tour. And I can’t emphasize enough how important is it.

You also need a good audio station to record your own voice. A EUR 200.- makes a huge difference with a EUR 10.- mic.

In case if you’re not ready to use your own voice for a game, there is a simpler way to proceed: Hire someone, send them your text, explain that it’s for an audio tour. I would advise you to use Fiverr to find the perfect voiceover.

Microphone, Headphones, Voiceover, Voice, Record, for your Audio Tour

5. Upload the voice recording

Finally, let’s upload your audio files!

Loquiz offers another feature that will be required for your own audio tour.

You can add sound in your tasks. These sounds can simply activate whenever you walk to a given GPS position.

Screenshot of task making within Loquiz


You might not be alone to benefit from such an audio tour. You can contact the local businesses and authorities. If your game gets some success, you can offer to the local shops to sponsor your game. In return, you can lead your player to their places.

You can also ask these businesses or the local authority to add some interaction spots for your game. Here is one simple idea: You can ask them to stick QR code papers on their facilities. So players would have to scan, before going further.

A use case: Alberta Food

We’ve made an interview with one of our users from Canada. They use Loquiz to provide tours on the theme of local food in Alberta.

And they are delighted by the feedback from their players! I invite you to watch the video so that you know what’s the feeling of selling an audio tour.

Here is the video:

You can read a transcript here.


As a final note, I would say that there is a great possible market for this kind of self-guided audio tour using GPS. On the contrary as many touristic activities, they are absolutely Covid19 free. If it ever happens again… Your audio tour won’t be at risk!

If you want to start, feel free to get a free trial of Loquiz.

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