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Tip: translating tasks language

As we are living in an international world and more and more requests are coming for language variety I would love to share one tip with you: “smoother steps how to translate tasks than creating fully a new task”. Especially when it is important to keep game logic.

Aim: translating questions text of an existing game

Step one:

The first thing you should do is to “Clone” the existing game you want to start translating. You can also add a note in the game title, a Tag and a suitable game language. Check out how to add global language for your account and how to translate game language: Languages and translations

Step two:

After you have opened the game (cloned version) you need to make copies from all tasks which are in the game. Most importantly one by one, and changing/adding language flag under additional settings and task tag (as an option for sorting tasks more efficiently). NB! When you start saving the task make sure you choose “Save as copy”. And the final step here is that you save the game, so you will have copied tasks in that game. Otherwise, those tasks will be in the tasks list but not in your game what you want to translate.

Step three:

Now you can open the game where you have copied tasks inside. You can translate: overwrite the task text in a language that you need. NB! Translate all answers, hints, comments, intros, etc. When it’s done then this time make sure you will choose to “Save” instead of “Save as copy”. This way tasks will be in your current game even if you decide to exit from the game without saving it. 

Good to know:

  • When you get translations service for tasks from another Loquiz user or another person for who you will describe how to translate task text in the system, you can invite another user by email (under your Account users) and give “Full” access. When work is done you can disable this option for this user. Check here: User permissions
  • You can have double language in the tasks. The process is the same as fully translating the task. But instead of overwriting the task you could keep existing text and add translation right below or above. Note that very long task text could make it fuzzy to understand. And when you have a time-limit for this task, it is important to consider to add more time.
  • I really hope it is helpful information. If you have comments, feel free to join the topic 🙂

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