User management is accessible by clicking in upper right corner on your username and choosing Account users from the drop down menu.  Loquiz uses following user permission levels:

  1. Owner – this is the person who started the group and is assigned automatically to account creator.  Has full access to the account and all it’s functions.
  2. Admin – for managing the account. Can do everything on the account, manage it and invite users and change user rights.
  3. Full – for managing games and events. Can not invite users nor change user rights but can create content and games.
  4. Instructor – for running games. Can start all open events on a device.  If your games are run by several instructors allows them to easily start games and not worry about remembering event specific usernames and passwords.
  5. Disabled – for denying all access to the system for this user. Users can not be deleted, but they can be deactivated by admin.

User levels can only be changed by the Admin level user.

Event specific user – Each time an event is created, also event specific user is created. This username and password allow for starting specific event only.

There is one additional user concept – Collaborator.

Collaborator feature allows for creating public weblinks that can be used to enter data into your system.   On the same link questions created can be modified.  There is no additional access. This is powerful way to let your clients enter their questions straight into the system.

See also video about inviting collaborators and users: