Loquiz allows several persons to work on the same account. Everything user creates is tagged with his/her name, so it is advisable not to use a single login name but to make sure that every person has their own username.

To invite users, click on your username at the top right corner, from drop-down menu choose “Account users”.  Click the “Invite user” button and fill out the invitation. A person who is invited receives an email with an invitation link where they can create their own account and register to your group.

Check the user permission level after the user has signed up. 

It is possible to send the “Collaborator” link via email to your clients or students. Collaborator link enables them to insert tasks into your Loquiz account, so you can easily use added tasks in the upcoming game. By sharing the link, they don’t have to create the Loquiz account or become a user of your group. Also they won’t see any other content or games on your Loquiz account.

See also a video about inviting collaborators and users: