Logging in

When Loquiz app is started user is presented with Login screen.


Use your Loquiz PRO login credentials to log in and start games.

Alternatively you can use Event Specific User name and Password. When logging in using those, only the specific event is shown to the user.

Event specific username and password can be edited when event is created. You can  use event specific username and password to enable somebody outside your organization to play the game you created.

Loading  game to a device

In Loquiz entire game gets downloaded so you can play even without internet connection.
(Internet connection is needed on device until player  enters the team name. After that game works offline  but-photos, videos, web access in questions and online results won’t work. Also team can’t resume the game if needed).


When Logged In you are presented with a list of OPEN events.


  1. Clicking Load downloads the event to device and welcome text is displayed.
  2. Clicking  “” behind event name opens administrator menu:
    A) Test starts the event in test mode (only available if you have logged in with your PRO username or instructor username. Logging in with event specific username does not allow game testing anymore!)
    *teams will not get deducted from your balance
    *team name is not asked and results will not be uploaded to results table
    *word “TEST” is shown on the screen
    *additional link to results/answer screen is shown in app
    B) “Resume” allows to resume existing team in case of device battery runs out or device crashes even on another smart device. (only works if team has had internet connection before)

In all cases user is logged out right after game is loaded to a device.  So you can safely log in with your own username and password, click “Load” and hand the tablet to a player. They will see welcome intro text. After that players can look at the map, game info.

Once they press “Start” players will have to enter team name and optionally players names and game begins.