We strongly recommend to test out your games in real life before running them.  Testing games is free. You will not need to spend your team credits to test games.

Use the same event for testing you are going to use for live event. Testing does not send up any results and team is not registered, so you are not messing up your results table when you test event that is about to go live.

Log in to the APP with the same email you use also for log in to Loquiz PRO.
You are presented with a list of all open events.
Press “… or Admin” behind event name, it opens administrator menu
Press “Test”, it opens game to play in test mode.
Press play and start testing, you can play through the full game.


Important is that in test mode:
-teams will not get deducted from your account balance
-team name is not asked and results will not be uploaded to results table
-word “TEST” is shown on the screen
-additional link to results/answer screen is shown in app