We strongly recommend to test out your games in real life before running them.  Testing games is free. You will not need to spend your team credits to test games.

Use the same event for testing you are going to use for live event. Testing does not send up any results and team is not registered, so you are not messing up your results table when you test event that is about to go live.

To test a game log in with your PRO username/password  or better yet use special instructor user (read here how to create users).  Instructor is a user that has no rights in Loquiz PRO, but can start and test games on mobile devices.  It is ideal when your work process is set up so that instructor is starting all the games for the players.

NB! Logging in with event username will not allow event testing!

Choose Admin or (three dots) instead of Load and TEST from there. You are now ready to test.

NB! Remember that playing in TEST mode will not save your results online, will not upload photos and will not allow to continue a game on different device.