Loquiz works on Android and iOS. To play Loquiz games, you need to download free Loquiz mobile application. Loquiz app can be downloaded in Google Play and in App Store. Feel free to use phones or tablets.

Currently supported devices

Android 6  and higher

iOS version 10 or higher for iPhones and iPads

Wifi only iPad does not have GPS chip and can not be used to play location-based games

Please note that in order to keep up with the development of operating systems the minimum OS requirement in the future will change.

iOS Android
From 1st of Aug 2020 10+ 6+
From 1st of Oct 2020 11+
From 1st of Jan 2021 12+ 7+

PS! It is important to allow Loquiz application to access to location information (to activate tasks outdoors)  and to camera/photos (to shoot photos during the game). If the game does not work as expected, please check manually from your device’s settings that the rights are given.  Please do not use restricted mode in iOS while playing Loquiz. Or if you still plan to use, test beforehand to make sure that all the correct rights are granted to Loquiz application.