We strongly recommend to test out your games in real life before running them. To test a game you need first to create an event.  Testing the games is free. You will not need to spend your credits to test games.

Use the same event for testing you are going to use for live event. Testing does not send up any results and team is not registered, so you are not messing up your results table when you test event that is about to go live.


1) Start Loquiz app on your smart device.
2) Log in to the app with the same email and password you use for login to Loquiz when creating games. When you log in to the game with event-specific username, testing is not possible and events list is not shown.

3) You are presented with a list of all open events. Press “Test” under the event name to play in test mode.

4) When the game is opened, press “Start” and begin testing, you can play through the full game.

Important in test mode:

  • Credit will not be taken off your account balance, so you can test as much you need without losing any credit.
  • The team name is asked, but not registered.
  • The results will NOT be uploaded to the results page.
  • Chat messages will not appear on the results page.
  • Word “TEST” is shown on the screen.
  • Additional link to online results page is shown in the game’s main menu. So instructors can easily access results via smart device when they are logged in with Loquiz username and password and test the game.

How to use fake location for testing?

You can use fake GPS location (mock location) for outdoor games only. Fake GPS tricks your device into thinking you are in a different location than you actually are. This way you can save time and test the tasks with locations more easily without moving from place to place. Fake location is available only in test mode.

To access fake GPS mode open the game you want to test IN TEST MODE and start playing,  choose  Fake location from main menu.  Little red cross will be shown on the screen.  Move the map and drag this cross over the task location which you want to open. To stop the fake location, go to menu and click on the Fake location button.

PS! For the fake location to work actual GPS location is also needed!

How to see your results when testing?

When testing special scope test is added to the players. All test player results will be available separately under test scope. To access that go to the games result page as usual and add “:test” at the end of the game ID. So it looks like


where GAME-ID is the actual ID of your game.

Only players that were started in test mode are displayed. PS! Loquiz is not counting test-mode players, either devices.

Tip! You can create a special user for testing, so you can distribute this with closest cooperators so they can test your games when ready using this user.

Read on how to start games for players.