Loquiz is built so you can continue the game with the same team on the same device or on another device. Game will continue where it was left off.

There are two options for this:

1. Continue last game on the same device

If player closed the game accidentally, then just:

  1. Open Loquiz app with the same device;
  2. On login screen, choose „Continue last game“.

Game will continue where team left off. You do not need internet connection to use this functionality because all the game information is saved in device’s cache.

2. Continue on another device (resume)

You might want to use the other device to continue the game (e.g. in case of battery died). In this case, continuing the ongoing game is only possible if the internet connection during the game was good and results were uploaded to the server. To resume the game with already existing team:

  1. Open Loquiz app;
  2. Log in to the game which you want to continue (with your PRO username or with event-specific codes);
  3. Choose „Start“ from side menu or from the map;
  4. Push „Or resume with existing team“;
  5. Choose team to which you want to resume and push OK.
  6. Confirm your choice.

Your game will continue where it was left off.

If there is no good internet connection, you can still continue the game with the same team but only on the same device, using „Continue last game“.

Resuming is not possible if player has already finished the game (visited finish location) or if the player is active on another device. Please exit the application on another device before trying to resume.

NB! Playing with the player name on multiple devices simultaneously is not supported. When resuming a game with batch code or single ticket then Player name is not asked and registered player is automatically resumed!