Unique username that can be used to access the game in the mobile devices. Use in case you want to give somebody access to this game only. Username needs to be unique. Make it simple to avoid typing mistakes. This can be changed in the edit game-configuration tab.

Game Username comes together with game Password. Player will need them to access the game with mobile device. Game creator can create username and password two ways:

  1. Loquiz game system will create username and password automatically;
  2. Game creator creates username and /or password by themselves.

Additional information to log in with QR code: Quick Start QR Code

In the app login view, there is an player option of launching the games with a QR code. The QR code scanner is built-in and doesn’t require an external app for scanning.

Starting games with QR code

If Loquiz app is installed, then games can be started using QR reader.

How do start the game with QR code

1. Firstly, create your game and assign a username and a password to it. Save game

2. Then open the game (Edit game) and see the QR code tab. This will give you the QR code to start the game using QR reader in the application on your mobile device.

3. Save the QR to your computer (right-click on the image, save as or Download PDF…) print it out.

4. Now when you scan the QR code, the Loquiz app opens up with the pre-filled username and password. You can log in and you have the game downloaded to the devices.

5. Players arrive and have to just press start.