Loquiz server is resizing media that is uploaded by the user in order to keep the download size manageable. If the image file is bigger than predefined dimensions then we downscale it:

Length of the longer side of the image:

  • Default photo within the task & game photo background: 1200 px
  • Map overlay: 1920 px (largest that a phone can handle is 1080 x 1920 px)
  • Event and account logo: 300 px
  • Pin icon on a map: 156 px
  • Augmented photo background: 1920 px* (use 3:4 or 4:3 ratio)

Image proportions are kept unchanged.

When uploading, the images should ideally be at or exceed the sizes defined. Recommended format is PNG. If the uploaded image has smaller dimensions then it is scaled up and this will result in reduced quality.

NB! Playground backgrounds and icons shown on playgrounds are not resized by server. Please make sure that the playground backgrounds are processed before uploading and made as small as possible. If you need to use high resolution images please test on all the devices the game is played. Also make sure icon sizes are optimized before uploading.

Maximum image size to upload is 10mb. If the image has very large dimensions, then down-scaling it might have unwanted effects on quality.