It is strongly recommended to equip your devices with mobile data  (also called, 3G, 4G etc.).

Loquiz manages short mobile data loss efficiently  while it is possible to play Loquiz game without continuous internet connection  (starting and ending the game in Wi-Fi areas) but the presence of connection brings several advantages.

It is possible to start a game in Wi-Fi area and play without internet connection. All the basic Loquiz functions (tasks activations, answering, score calculation) in the device will work. Hints, intros and QR-codes also do not need the internet connection to work.  Map is displayed only for smaller areas (the area that is cached in the beginning of the game). But if you want to use full potential of Loquiz, we recommend to play games with internet connection present.

Following functions need internet connection to get data to mobile devices and back to Loquiz server:

  • Media in tasks, such as photos, images, videos and websites are streamed when task is opened and need internet to open.
  • Chat – messages are delivered only if internet connection is present.
  • Online results tables with teams progress, score and answers are uploaded to the server after each answer via internet. All this info is also saved in device and updated when the connection is present.
  • Uploading the photos and videos need internet connection to work. You can still take photos and videos if internet connection is not present, but they are saved in the devices and can be accessed from device Album if needed.
  • Continuing the game on another device (resume) works only with internet, when connection is not present game progress is not saved in our servers. If players accidentally close the game, this game can still be continued on the same device.

All of the above applies for long-term period of playing without internet connection. Loquiz handles short data outages so efficiently that users usually even do not notice them.

We will suggest to start and end the game in the connection area. With connection all media will be uploaded and downloaded to the server and it gives possibility to get correct game results (including photos) to the result page.

NB! Match game type as a multiplayer game needs good data connection throughout the game. If data connection is lost, this game works like Rogain, answered locations disappear from the map when connection is restored.

If you are considering “wifi only” device take the limitations listed above into consideration.

Special note to Apple iPad owners: wifi only iPads do not have GPS either and are not suitable for playing location-based games.