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Setting Up Meeting Room Furniture To Improve Your Team Building Workshop – guest post

Team building in a business organisation is particularly very important as it improves social relations, enables workers to understand each other better, and even increases employee’s work efficiency. There are a variety of different activities that can be put in place as a way of helping to improve team building. A great example of doing this is organizing for room meetings. The way meeting room furniture is organised and positioned has a huge impact on team building.

You should be aware of the basic tips for setting up meeting room furniture to improve your team building workshop.

Things To Consider When Setting Up Meeting Room Furniture

When arranging your meeting room, you should consider positioning the tables and the ergonomic office chairs, according to how the message in the meeting will be delivered by the speakers to the audience. For example, by positioning the tables and chairs facing towards the speaker in the meeting, the employees will feel more engaged with the conference and be able to have more of an input in business discussions. The set up and the style of the meeting room should encourage learning among the participants in the meeting, as well as encourage easy interaction between the employees as a way of enforcing them to work as a team.
Something that should highly be recommended when setting up a meeting room is placing the chairs and tables close together, especially if the meeting presentation requires them to take notes. This way, it is easy for employees to note things down, in a manner that allows them to give feedback to other employees.

The Types Of Furniture To Include In A Meeting Room
The three most obvious pieces of office furniture that you should consider when setting up a meeting room are office tables, ergonomic office chairs and stools. These three types of office furniture are a must, enabling employees to get comfy, concentrate and make notes when sitting in a business meeting.
Whilst that might be obvious, the best ways of arranging these pieces of furniture in the meeting room might not be as obvious.

The Best Ways of Arranging Meeting Room Furniture:

-Theatre style

One way of arranging meeting room furniture is theatre style.This is where chairs are arranged in rows facing the stage or to the front of the room. There is usually a huge space left at the center of the room to allow for movement of people. This style of meeting room helps to maximize meeting room space, and particularly works well in workshop meetings which do not require taking many notes.

-Classroom Style

Classroom style is where rows of tables are arranged, with two or three tables on each table. Tables and chairs both face the front of the room, making this style suitable for meetings that feature informal presentations. It predominantly encourages dialogue between both the speakers and the audience.

-Conference Style

Conference style is where big tables are centrally placed in the room to form one solid surface. Chairs are arranged at the perimeters of the table. It encourages brainstorming of ideas. Every person has enough space and can interact freely with others, encouraging room for great team building.

-Hollow Square

Hollow square is the style by which tables are arranged to form a square. Some space is left in the middle and chairs are arranged at the perimeter of the square. It is appropriate for meetings where the group does not have a specific leader or designated presenter. Brainstorming of ideas can be done by the audience to also encourage team work.meeting-room-2-U-shape

U-shape is where big sized tables are arranged to form a U-pattern. Chairs are then arranged around the tables, making it ideal in meetings which require conversation between speakers and the audience. It also encourages conversation among all participants.

-Banquet Style

The banquet style is when round tables are arranged in the room, with chairs placed around them. It is suitable for food functions, and encourages conversation among participants.


Herringbone is where tables and chairs are arranged close to the position of the presenter. It creates an enclosed feel, making employees feel more engaged with the presenter themself. Is suitable for informal presentations.10667940434_eb62e4b805_z


Finally, the chevron is where rows of tables are arranged in the room to form a V-shape. Chairs are placed around each table, allowing great discussion among small groups of participants.

The Importance of Good Teamwork In Office

1. Delegation of duties-When people work together, they will understand each other’s strength and weakness. This helps to assign duties to individuals who are best qualified or fitted for the job.

2. Sharing of ideas- Good teamwork allows for any sharing of ideas, which ultimately can be used to improve the performance of the company.

3. Increases Efficiency-When workers meet, they can develop systems which help to improve the efficiency of work.

4. Offers support- Workers go through various different challenges at the workplace. With teamwork, they will be able to support one another on how to improve their performance at work . This also promotes professional development.

When setting up a business meeting room, it is always necessary to be aware of the types of furniture to include, and the ways of arranging the furniture as a way of encouraging the best team work for your business.

As you can see, there are various styles that one can input into their meeting room, which all come with different benefits. So depending on whether you have a meeting room by which you as a speaker stand at the front of the room, or if you require your employees to hover round a table in order to have great discussions and make brainstorms, then you will need to consider the most appropriate meeting room layout to enforce the most teamwork.


Adam Robertson is a professional in the office furnishings industry. He works for Allard Office Furniture, an office furniture company which has 18 years of shared experience in office desks, chairs, supplies and accessories.

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