Tech advice

Keeping your equipment updated

To run reliably your games on tablets, you should always make sure that they are updated. We see that updating is a challenge. Here are some tips how to make it systematic.

What needs updating?

On iOS

  1. OS itself – by Apple
  2. Loquiz application – by Loquiz


On Android

  1. OS – by a device manufacturer
  2. Google services – by Google
  3. Loquiz – by Loquiz


What is the challenge?

Updating is the challenge because of two reasons:

  1. You probably have several if not tens of devices to update.
  2. Devices are not constantly in use. They are used occasionally and switched off or in sleep majority of the time, so they seldom  update automatically .

What happens if you do not update?

Probably nothing will happen right away. However we constantly fix bugs so you are generally better off with a newer version of our application. If you delay updating the OS for long enough, it will be pushed upon you at some stage, this might delay the game or render the internet connection very low.  As a general advice updating is recommended, but please check after the update that things work as expected. Especially when updating  the Android version.

Update process

Running events occasionally

If you are running a game per week or less often, then we recommend to take  time before every event to check that important things are updated and the stuff still works after updating.  To do that switch the tablets one day before the event. Log into a local Wifi network and check  for the updates.

  • To update an operating system go to the settings and check for the updates
  • To update Loquiz go to the store, choose my apps, find Loquiz and see if the update is available.

Running events more often

If you are running the events several times a week or even daily there is no need to spend the time updating everything every time. However we recommend to check weekly  if there are updates available, apply them and check that the games still work as expected.

You are responsible for keeping your hardware in the top condition. It is worth having a process behind it.

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